Variable Speed Drive (VSD) Benefits

This year we celebrate 25 years of Variable Speed Drive and the many benefits this technology has provided

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25 Years of Energy Savings

25 years ago we hit an industry milestone by introducing Atlas Copco's Variable Speed Drive (VSD) technology. Our VSD technology has provided our customers savings on energy costs of up to 50% while also minimising their carbon footprint. Do you want to learn more about the energy consumption of your machine? Book a energy consumption analysis with us today.

As Passionate as Ever

We have continued to have the same passion over the years to provide unmatched energy-efficiency, unquestionable reliability, and future-proof connectivity with VSD+ compressor technology. Check out below for the benefits of running Atlas Copco's Variable Speed Drive technology.


VSD Refrigerant Air Dryer

Our Variable Speed Technology is not only limited to air compressors, as we also offer FD VSD refrigerant air dryers. The FD VSD air dryer provides performance, value and a low cost of ownership. No other refrigerant air dryer can compare to our FD VSD. 

Other benefits of the FD VSD include:

  • Advanced monitoring and control with the Elektonikon touch screen controller
  • Removes water vapor
  • Automatically varies the compressor speed to match your actual air demand
  • Energy efficient
  • Reduces overall energy savings
  • Air is dried to a stable dew point

What is a VSD dryer?

If you want to experience the cutting-edge technology of Atlas Copco variable speed drive compressors, get in touch with us today on 1800 023 469 or click the button below to fill out our form and we will be in touch.