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With nearly $30 billion in compressor sales each year worldwide, Atlas Copco is a leader in compressor technology, design and manufacture.
Our global business has been built on providing high quality compressed air & gas solutions to industries as varied as Manufacturing, food processing, wastewater treatment and and construction, through to trades and medical.

We have every type of air compressor

At Atlas Copco, our customers are some of the best in their fields. And they want the most energy-efficient, reliable and cost-effective solutions they can get. Which is why they come to us.
Our extensive range of compressors are engineered to work perfectly in every situation, and keep on working long after you’re done.

We have every type of air compressor

We provide both oil injected and oil-free compressor technologies for all applications:


Air Compressors

Medical Gas Equipment

Air Dryers

Oil-free Air Blowers

Condensate Treatment

Air Filters

Gas Generators

Process Gas and Air Equipment

Marine Compressors

Railway Compressors

Air Receivers and Aftercoolers

Oil-free Air and Nitrogen Boosters

Dental air

Air Energy Recovery Systems

Bulk handling Air


Food Processing air


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