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Wastewater is used water from a variety of activities conducted by humans. The treatment of wastewater is a process to turn the wastewater into reusable water that will have minimal impact on the environment. Here at Atlas Copco we provide solutions for wastewater treatment such as air compressors, vacuum pumps and blowers.

Air Blowers for Wastewater Treatment

We provides the perfect solution for any wastewater treatment plants through our range of screw and turbo blowers. They provide an energy efficient option for your treatment application. Our cutting edge blower technologies which are suitable for your facility include the

ZS Scroll Blowers

The ZS VSD (Variable Speed Drive) Scroll Blowers helps to manage the peak and slower times of both day and night. There is also a turndown of as much as 80% with these scroll blowers. Energy consumption can be reduced by up to 35% compared to conventional lobe blowers with the integrated or customer supplied variable speed drive.

ZB Blowers Range

The ZB VSD Blowers range provides the highest air volume with the use of the gearless and frictionless direct drive while maintaining the lowest energy consumption. This ensures that you receive a reduction to the total cost of ownership. You will also receive up to 30% energy savings compared to traditional blowers through the integrated variable speed drive.

Air Compressors for Wastewater Treatment

Our air compressors are the perfect solution for controlling air at your wastewater treatment facility. We here at Atlas Copco understand that air compressors are a vital part to your treatment facility, and is a primary usage tool. This is why we have ensured that we have a range of air compressors with low noise level, overall lower total cost of ownership and an ease of installation.

Vacuum Pumps for Wastewater Treatment

Our range of vacuum pumps provide a helping hand to your process and will reduce the energy consumption to you wastewater treatment facility. The vacuum pump provides the suction pressure necessary to the treatment by removing wastewater and cleaning sewer networks. Contaminants from the wastewater are sucked in and periodically flushed out by the vacuum pump.

On-Site Technicians

We have sales, service and support teams around Australia to assist you in finding the right solution based on your needs. We offer on-site service of blowers, air compressors and vacuum pump to all parts of Australia, no matter where you live. They have expert knowledge in their field, and will use this to provide you with the correct service.

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  • ZS 18-315 (18-315 kW / 24-422 hp) ZS 18-355 VSD (18-355 kW / 24-475 hp) 5.8 MB, PDF
  • ZB 100-250 VSD (100-250 kW/135-335 hp) 1.3 MB, PDF

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