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Data management made easy by QA Supervisor

These days, data is vital to our lives and we all rely on different types of data every day. A manufacturing plant is no different.

Atlas Copco's QA Supervisor is the go-to software for quality data management. How exactly can QA Supervisor help manage quality data?

On the web

First, QA Supervisor is a web-based software. This means that to access its data, the user does not need to install any software on our computer. QA Supervisor will reside on a server that can be accessed from any computer in the plant network.

Essentially, what this means that whenever a computer is replaced, the user doesn’t have to install and license QA Supervisor on the new computer. Additionally, every time a new version is released, the user will not have to update every single computer used to access QA Supervisor. Instead, just the user can simply access the server that is hosting QA Supervisor to make any updates.

QA Supervisor has been designed with the same philosophy of the STpad, STpalm, and STbench. What does that mean?

This means QA Supervisor can be used to program inspection and collect data regardless of the nature of the inspection, whether that be

  • Tool checks,
  • Joint checks
  • Dimensional checks
  • Or visual checks. 

Moreover, the benefits of the QA Supervisor are wide-ranging. Top benefits of the tool include:

  • Continuous quality processes improvement
  • Accessible from any device without any software installation cost
  • Immediate access to relevant data without losing time
  • Real-time alerts
  • Reduced quality costs

Looking out for the Quality Manager

This simplifies a quality manager’s work by having a single repository to manage all the due inspection, routes, results, traces and certificates.

Finally, with the integration with ToolsNet 8, quality operators can schedule their test automatically by using the number of cycles a tool has actually done. Moreover, a report that combines production data from ToolsNet 8 with QA Supervisor data can help identify patterns and act quickly to prevent quality defects.

To learn more about our quality data management software, check out QA Supervisor today.

Want to learn more about Atlas Copco products or schedule a Walk The Line tour of your facility? Contact us today. 

Discover more

Download the documents below to learn more.

QA Visual check application leaflet
QA Joint check application Leaflet
QA Dimensional Check Application Leaflet
QA Tool check application leaflet

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