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Starting air receivers for marine

Atlas Copco’s versatile starting air receivers for a range of on-board marine applications withstand corrosion, even in tough conditions. All-in set-up.

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Extreme durability

Our starting air receivers are specifically treated to prevent corrosion. Inside: sandblasted SA 2½ + Brantho Nitrofest coating. Outside: sandblasted SA 2½ + zinc primer and enamel topcoat

Easy installation

The starting air receiver can be mounted horizontally or vertically, with or without feet

All-in solution

The marine starting air receiver is delivered with all necessary ancillaries. This includes a 100 mm dial glycerin filled pressure gauge c/w test valve and safety valve

Air receiver technical specifications


125 l - 1 500 l


1 700 cm - 3 350 cm

@ pressure

33 bar

Marine air receivers in detail

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