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Atlas Copco On-site gas generators allow you to produce your own nitrogen or oxygen 24 hours in Egypt with one year FREE service plan including genuine spare parts on nitrogen generator or oxygen generator you purchase from our full product range.
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Non-stop availability: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Low operating costs for extra cost-efficiency.

The exact purity your application demands.

Industrial gases

On-site nitrogen generator and oxygen generator replaces bottles

Whether your company is specialized in chemical manufacturing, electronics, laser cutting, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, or fish farms, a dependable supply of industrial gas is crucial.

Compared to the on-demand delivery of gas bottles or cryogenic tank , on-site production of gas offers a wealth of advantages ranging from cost savings to continuous availability. Atlas Copco’s advanced nitrogen and oxygen generator offer you the ultimate solution

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NGP+ Working Principle


Discover all about PSA Nitrogen Generators:


We use a minimum of 99.5% pure nitrogen, 7.5 m3/h, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so we are completely dependent on having a stable production of nitrogen, and that’s what we get now! There are no problems, and our expectations have been exceeded," Torland adds. "We don’t even remember that it’s there.
Cleanliness is superb, we save space and not least we saved the price of a new compressor. At the same time it is highly satisfying for us as a customer that we only need to contact one supplier that we already know to be extremely reliable.

Per Ivar Torland , from Nøsted Kjetting

With Atlas Copco’s expertise both in compressed air and nitrogen technology, we have been able to satisfy all parties. The packed product has a sterile, longer shelf life and we have an energy-efficient system with in-built capacity for future expansion.

Carl Boyington , from Haith’s bird foods

The Atlas Copco NGP high pressure nitrogen skid provides us with all our on-site needs. Atlas Copco really provides us with the solution that we needed.

Hugo Fitzsimons , from Breffni Air

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