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10 steps to green compressed air production

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Process filtration filter cartridge

Filter cartridges

A wide range of process filter cartridges designed for safe, reliable, and efficient performance, optimizing your productivity and protecting your process, products and people.

Filter cartridges for all applications

Whether you operate a brewery, winery, dairy or cosmetics plant, our carefully designed filter cartridges cover the entire process, from raw materials input to the final product. Liquids, steam or gases, we have the solution for you.

Quality and compliance

All components meet the EU and USA requirements for food contact use in accordance with FDA CFR Title 21 and with EU Regulation No. 1935/2004 and subsequent amendments.

Global presence and expertise

Our local sales and service people provide you with technical and operational support for lasting results.

Perfectly matched gas and liquid filter cartridges for every process

process air, gas and liquid filter cartridges

Keeping your product safe and protecting your production process is key, and important to us too. We have utilized enhanced materials and construction processes to deliver performance that you can rely on, time after time.

Whether it’s high flow and heavily contaminated fluid, through to bacterial and biological removal with sterile filtration, we have a solution that will meet your requirements. You can have peace of mind knowing that the quality and compliance has been taken care of.

Our gas and liquid filter cartridges and the materials used are validated and selected for compliance with the highest industry standards for food and drug safety, chemical compatibility, and sanitization procedures.

Pleated fiber filter cartridges
Pleated fiber filter blue icon
Pleated fiber filter cartridges
Pleated membrane filter cartridges
Pleated membrane cartridge filter icon blue color
Pleated membrane filter cartridges
Activated carbon filter cartridges
Activated carbon blue filter icon
Activated carbon filter cartridges
Stainless steel filter cartridges
Stainless steel filter cartridges
Melt blown filter cartridges
Melt blown filter cartridge blue icon
Melt blown filter cartridges