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industrial filter housings and cartridges

Filter housings

A wide range of gas and liquid filter housings, carefully selected to offer the best mix of low pressure drop and high flow, meeting the high quality standards of your application.

Solutions for liquid, air and gas

We have the right sanitary or industrial filter housing solution for your process, whether it is filtration of air, gas, liquid or steam. All filter vessels are designed for optimal flow and pressure drop performance.

Suitable for SIP/CIP

All of our filter housings will allow you to clean and sanitize in place using either steam, hot water, or recommended cleaning solutions, helping you to minimize productivity down time and disruption.

Sanitary finishes for critical applications

Our sanitary filter housings with hygienic design take care of the more stringent regulations and standards across food, beverage, and pharmaceutical applications, offering peace of mind.

Let us help you choose the right filter housing

gas and liquid filter housings

Having the right filter housing is just as important as selecting the right filter cartridge for your application. Whilst a lot of attention is paid to the filter cartridge, the housing selection is often seen as just part of the process that follows flow and pressure parameters of the application. However, in a lot of cases, the entire process can be optimized and its best performance ensured through correct housing selection.

That’s why we have carefully selected our range to offer the best mix of low pressure drop, high flow filter housings, always meeting the high Atlas Copco quality standard. Each housing follows a strict manufacturing process and rigorous inspection and testing to make sure that we only deliver the best.

That is the reason our products can take care of your application, from heavy duty, industrial usage in liquid and air, to bulk solids removal with our filter bag housing offer, and highly demanding applications such as beer, wine and pharmaceuticals production that require an exceptional standard of surface finishing.

All of our housings are constructed from 304 and 316 stainless steel with standard seal materials of silicone, EPDM and Viton® offered and FFKM available for our IFH steam housing range for achieving higher temperatures. We’ve got a solution ready for your process and application.

Industrial filter housings
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Industrial filter housings
Sanitary filter housings
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Sanitary filter housings