Nitrogen generation for laser cutting

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No transport cost

Producing nitrogen on-site removes the cost and risk of having suppliers deliver you nitrogen

Strong performance

The combination of our VSD+ compressors, and our premium nitrogen generators offers an energy efficient reliable source of nitrogen

Environmentally friendly

Less trucks on the road is great for the environment, and your costs. Talk with our experts today to find the solution for you

Laeser cutting application

Some applications don’t require a machine, but a solution. For those applications that need high-purity nitrogen at high pressures, like laser cutting, Atlas Copco has a nitrogen skid available. The 300 bar version is also suitable to fill your own bottles.

Plug-and-play system

A compressed air installation, complete with air treatment equipment, a nitrogen generator, a booster and all necessary vessels and controllers are mounted on one compact, pre-commissioned skid. This plug-and-play system delivers nitrogen at 40 or 300 bar. The 40 bar variant is suitable for all applications that require high-pressure nitrogen, such as laser cutting, injection molding and some oil and gas applications. The 300 bar variant is ideal for filling your own cylinders.

Create your own nitrogen 24/7

Your own nitrogen supply and storage A nitrogen generator gives you nitrogen on the tap, 24/7 available, without having to rely on bottle or bulk delivery, storage and the related costs. The 300 bar nitrogen skid now allows you to fill your own cylinders, creating your own bottled nitrogen supply. This can serve as back-up supply, but also to flexibly cater for peak requirements or fluctuating demands. For an overview of the available models and technical specifications, download the datasheet:

All-in-one nitrogen skid datasheet

All-in-one nitrogen

The nitrogen skid is complete and compact at the same time. One integrated system means no sizing or complicated calculations are needed. These machines are included:

  • A "GA VSD+ compressor" with air treatment equipment, Atlas Copco’s most efficient oil-injected screw compressor. Energy –efficient, compact and reliable, this compressor delivers highly efficient, clean and dry compressed air at a low energy cost.
  • An "NGP+ nitrogen generator" , Atlas Copco’s newest generation of PSA nitrogen generators. Efficient and reliable, but also outfitted with extensive safety and monitoring features. The NGP+ integrates perfectly with the GA VSD+ and requires little maintenance.
  • A nitrogen booster that brings the nitrogen from the NGP+ to 40 or 300 bar.
  • Storage, to complete your installation, the necessary nitrogen receivers (40 bar) or cylinder battery (300 bar) is mounted onto the skid.

All components are tested and pre-commissioned to work as one system and your entire installation can be covered by one service agreement. 

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