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NGP plus series Nitrogen generators NGP series NGP+ coverimage

Nitrogen generators

Explore our wide range of reliable, high purity, on-site nitrogen generators.

Reliable gas supply

Stop relying on third-party suppliers for your nitrogen gas supply, make your own with one of our nitrogen generators and experience 24/7 availability of gas. Simple, reliable and durable.


Creating your own gas on site ensures no costly processing, refill and deliveries. It also removes the costly possibility of downtime due to a lack of gas.


Our gas generators come ready to use, all that is needed is a supply of compressed air. There is no need for costly installations.

Explore the full range

NGM⁺ 7-70: Best-in-class membrane nitrogen generation

NGMs 1-3: ideal low-flow membrane nitrogen generator

NGP+ 8-1300 PSA nitrogen generator: Premium N2 generator

NGP 10-115 PSA nitrogen generator


Membrane nitrogen generators

A membrane nitrogen generator extracts the N₂ in the air supplied by a compressor so that it can be used for professional applications. The compressed air is pushed through a membrane filled with hollow fibers. Oxygen and water vapor dissipate through the fiber walls and are vented out. This leaves only the very dry nitrogen inside the fibers, pushed out on the other end of the membrane, ready for you to use.

PSA nitrogen generators

Another way of generating nitrogen is through Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA). PSA technology is the ideal and easiest method if you have an industry that requires high purity levels. Pressure Swing Adsorption separates nitrogen molecules from the oxygen molecules by trapping oxygen from the compressed air stream using adsorption. Adsorption takes place when molecules bind themselves to an adsorbent, in this case the oxygen molecules attach to a carbon molecular sieve.

PSA Gas Generation | How does it work?

High pressure nitrogen skid: all-in-one nitrogen

Remove transport and downtime costs with our unique high pressure nitrogen skid. A compressed air installation, complete with air treatment equipment, a nitrogen generator, a booster and all necessary vessels and controllers are mounted on one compact, pre-commissioned skid. Thanks to the nitrogen skid you benefit from an energy efficient and reliable source of nitrogen on-site.

6 benefits of on-site gas generation


Benefits of on-site nitrogen generation

Tired of buying expensive cylinder or liquid nitrogen? An on-site generator offers a wealth of advantages and is the cost-efficient, flexible solution:

  • Sharply reduces the cost per unit of nitrogen
  • Gives you the exact purity and amount of nitrogen your applications require
  • Saves space because there is no need to store bulky nitrogen containers
  • Removes logistics headaches (ordering, handling, storing purchased N2)
  • Improves safety by removing the workplace hazards of pressurized bottles or liquid gas
  • When combining onsite nitrogen generation with energy recovery options on the compressors, it allows you to self-produce truly green nitrogen

Discover the benefits of on-site gas generation in this video. 

Nitrogen generators

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