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An image showing red plastic shields

Essentra Success Story

Customer: Essentra Extrusion
Region: Netherlands, Europe
Sector: Plastic Extrusion
Benefit: > 8000 euros savings per year

Essentra Extrusion is a leading custom profile extruder, located in the Netherlands. They do not make standard products, but offer a complete design and production process for clients. Extrusion is a process used to create objects with a fixed crosssectional profile. A material is pushed or drawn through a die to create the profiles. The extrusion of plastics relies on vacuum, mainly for the evacuation of gasses from the process.


Image showing essentra factory setup
Essentra were looking to update their vacuum pumps; each of their production lines had multiple small dry vane pumps, which meant a lot of maintenance work. The vacuum solution had to be stable and reliable, as well as quiet, as they are in a residential area. In addition they were looking for an environmentally friendly solution.
Image of Tjitze van der Land

Choosing this new GHS pump was very easy: it really is silent. It’s a whisper pump!

Tjitze van der Land ,
Essentra Extrusion,
Head of Maintenance


Essentra decided to get a centralized system featuring the Atlas Copco GHS 900 VSD⁺ vacuum pump; the centralized system serves many different production lines and products. The pump delivers the same performance as three of the competitor’s pumps used to, but needs much less space.


Image showing a man holding extruded plastic
The GHS VSD⁺ vacuum pump is fitted with a 15 kW motor; it replaces two older pumps of 11 kW each so the energy savings are significant, over 8,000 Euros per year. This is not the only environmental benefit from the vacuum solution; Essentra also has an Atlas Copco energy recovery system which uses the heat generated from the Atlas Copco machines to heat water. That hot water is pumped across the street to heat the municipal swimming pool.
Image showing the extrusion machine
The vacuum pump has proven reliability with no risk of overheating, as well as being quiet, both important to Essentra. They can even run their production processes seven days a week and overnight in the residential area, with no complaints from the neighbours.

Know why Essentra Extrusion prefers Atlas Copco's
GHS VSD⁺ Vacuum Solution

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