Atlas Copco light towers efficiently illuminate Extreme Sports Barcelona

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9 November, 2021

Morillo Energy Rent, a Spanish company dedicated to providing power, light, and temperature control solutions, has recently rented four HiLight B5+ light towers from Atlas Copco. These units illuminated the main sporting stages at the eleventh edition of Extreme Sports Barcelona, celebrated at Forum’s Park. The event’s eleventh edition gathered the best scooter, skate, BMX, and breaking athletes internationally. 

Atlas Copco HiLight B5+

Two HiLights B5+ at Extreme Sports Barcelona

Atlas Copco's HiLight B5+ on site

Atlas Copco's HiLight B5+ delivering at skateboarding competition

Morillo Energy Rent has more than 60 years of experience and 14 centers throughout Spain. They specialize in emergency applications as well as events, telecom, naval, and construction for on-site operations. Atlas Copco started working with the Spanish company in 2016, when they acquired a first set of HiLight B5+ light towers. Due to the end-customers’ good response and the products’ technical advantages, their fleet of HiLight B5+ light towers has grown to 23. Morillo Energy Rent has also purchased three QAS5 power generators from Atlas Copco. Thanks to this fleet expansion, in 2021, Morillo Energy Rent supplied HiLight B5+ light towers’ to Montmelo racing track on two occasions: for the Moto GP and F1’s Grand Prix. They have also supplied the light towers at other international events, such as the Pedralbes Musica Festival, Urban Sports Madrid, and the International Light Festival.

When asked about the reasons that made the HiLight B5+ a good match for Extreme Sports Barcelona, Jordi Casas, Project Manager Events at Morillo Energy Rent, explained: “We chose these light towers because of the great versatility and light coverage they have to offer”. He added that “Atlas Copco’s portable light towers were used as a temporary solution to increment visibility for the main stages during night hours”.

We connected four HiLight B5+ to the power grid, which became a very sustainable solution. It allowed us to have a minimal environmental impact, reducing carbon footprint, NOx and CO2 emissions and, of course, noise levels.

Jordi Casas , Project Manager Events at Morillo Energy Rent
HiLight B5+ at Extreme Sports Barcelona

HiLight B5+ at Extreme Sports Barcelona

The HiLight B5+ is an ideal portable lighting solution for events hosted in locations which have noise restrictions, such as metropolitan areas. The ultra-quiet LED light tower has been designed to be seen and not heard, while ensuring maximum safety at the site. Delivering operating noise levels as low as 55 dBA, the new version of the HiLight B5+ light tower is ideally suited to provide illumination at events or enhanced visibility at construction sites located near residential areas. It offers low consumption, broad light coverage, and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Atlas Copco lighting equipment is highly-efficiency and offers reinforced floodlights that are suitable for sporting events and illuminate large areas. We highly consider their compact dimensions, which allows us to reduce transportation costs and time of installation. They also come with start-stop function, which is great for applications that do not need a light source all the time

Miguel Ángel Artiel , Technical Director at Morillo Energy Rent

Atlas Copco light towers efficiently illuminate Extreme Sports Barcelona

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