Dispelling Myths: With music

Any type of diesel power generator can be paralleled together with another type as long as their frequencies and voltage are the same at the point of interconnection. Connecting generators in parallel increases the power capacity, control in load management, ease of maintenance and redundancy. By adding generators modularly, sites can install what they need when they need it.

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The myth:

Although I know that power need vary a lot form one application to another and also the load. Paralleling I mean… it’s too difficult and it takes so much time!


Our expert dispels the myth:

Do you know that synchronizing generators is exactly the same as synchronizing music? It doesn't look that simple, right? You always need an expert like a DJ or a great controller that will do it for you like the Atlas Copco QC controllers do for generators. You need less that 60 seconds to do a perfect paralleling! Guaranteed!

Jorge Gutierrez , Product Manager
Power and Flow division

Dispelling Myths: With music

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