Concept Lab: The E35 PROTOTYPE.

Higher pressure, cleaner energy.

August 17, 2021

When you find yourself in the driver's seat, you often have to push your way forward and not simply tag along for the ride. With the Atlas Copco Rental Europe Concept Lab, we do just that. With our in-the-field expertise, we pioneer newer and more efficient technologies that are made for real-life application. One of these innovations is the E35 prototype, which will be part of our electric rental fleet in the future. While this is not the first electric-driven compressor, and obviously not the last, the E35 prototype sets itself apart due to some unique characteristics. Thanks to innovations like the Concept Lab's newest prototype, Atlas Copco Rental can continue to actively reduce the environmental impact of renewable energy projects in the construction phase. Vital for our future. All of our futures.

Supporting the global green energy transition

Some say it’s too late. Some say we, as a species, had our time. We believe that the time of the true innovators is now. Local and global CO² emissions have to be reduced even further and much sooner than most assumed. At the vanguard of innovation are our customers, who lay the foundation of our global path to zero-emission. Every phase of a renewable energy project will be re-evaluated to increase efficiency where possible and decrease harmful emissions where necessary. The Y35, the diesel-driven 35 bar high-pressure solution, has proven its worth in a variety of in-the-field applications. From deep drilling to pipeline cleaning for natural gas projects. The Y35’s are doing their part. But, with increased scrutiny comes new demands. Our experts, who have their boots in the mud and engine oil on their hands, always have their ears to the ground. They learned that, even though the Y35’s performance is more than adequate; an electric high-pressure solution would be ideal for decreasing the impact of the project’s construction.

Under the yellow and green hood

At Atlas Copco Rental, we are making agility count! We do more than listening. We act, think, draw, try, fail, try again, ... The E35 is the first portable high-pressure electric-driven compressor ever to be produced! The E35 prototype has all the benefits of our existing Y35 while at the same time being emission-free, efficient, and robust. This means that the E35 also delivers a high penetration rate with 35 bar pressure and 34.8m3/min, making it the ideal solution for heavy drilling, pipeline services, and urban construction applications. We will proceed with vigorous in-the-field testing to measure runtime, parameters, and performance in the upcoming weeks. As well as safety features and basic functionality.

Stay tuned for more information!

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