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Our experts share their knowledge on air, power, nitrogen, steam and liquid handling. No matter your industry, we have the power to restart your processes after a break down or during turnarounds, boost your utilities to increase your production output and support special projects.

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Air and nitrogen guide

From hot and dry air to nitrogen at the highest pressure and purity... Industrial gases are essential for many processes and projects. Discover our guide and gain insights on determining required air pressure and flow, which set-up to select, how to increase pressure of high purity nitrogen and much more.

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Power guide

Whether you want to optimize your available grid connection, or need a reliable power supply off the grid, temporary power installations are critical for every industrial site or project. Discover our power guide and learn how to properly size, which power source to select, how to optimize grid balancing... and much more.

steam temperature control wiki
Steam & temperature control guide

Controlling temperature in your processes directly impacts your efficiency, quality and safety. Our steam guide contains everything you need to know about temporary steam installations: do you need saturated or unsaturated steam, is superheated steam necessary, which technology is best for your application...

Everything you need to know about flexible, temporary industrial assets

Our specialty rental experts share their knowledge and expertise.

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A blog with specialized knowledge and insights in air compressors, power generators, nitrogen generation, steam boilers and dewatering solutions
Discover the rental blog

Looking for tips to boost your efficiency and asset management? Best practices on how to handle planned turnarounds, maintenance projects or unplanned breakdowns? Wondering which support Atlas Copco Specialty Rental can provide to handle special projects? Browse through our blog articles and learn from our experts.

Webinars and online events
Webinars and online events

Whether you want to learn more about your compressed air system, nitrogen generation on site or why renting could be beneficial for your next project… Meet the industry experts on-demand!

Atlas Copco Rental calculation tools let YOU do the math. From fuel efficiency and cable sizing to cost of usership and much more! Start calculating now and make agility count!
Calculation tools

Whether you are looking for a new temporary installation, expanding an existing one or doing maintenance to increase your plant’s agility… why don’t you do the math to determine the most beneficial solution for you?

customer testimonials and stories, solutions in action
Customer testimonials

Atlas Copco Rental makes agility count by taking care of your utilities, so you can focus on your business. Wondering how this could be relevant for you? Discover how our experts help production sites all over the world avoiding production losses during turnarounds or maintenance or increasing efficiency by leveraging flexible asset solutions. In addition, our specialized and unique fleet powers several spectacular projects with very demanding and unique scopes.

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Air compressor wiki pages
The compressed air wiki

A collection of articles dedicated to explaining everything there is to know about compressed air, compressors, air treatment and the system that surrounds it.

nitrogen generation
Nitrogen wiki

Everything you need to know about industrial gases.

photos and videos
Photos and videos

Looking for interesting photo's and videos? Discover our collections here.