HEX@ GRID Controllers

HEX@GRID Controller

Industry 4.0 ready central vacuum systems

Control multiple vacuum pumps

Equipped with the latest HEX@™ controller, HEX@GRID enables you to stay connected and control all of your vacuum pumps as a single system.

HEX@GRID optimizer algorithm

HEX@GRID Optimizer calculates the power consumed your vacuum pump at every operating point. Optimizer finds the best combination of pumping speeds to meet your process demand and considers all combinations pumping speeds and the total energy consumed.

Multiple options available to choose as per your need

Choose between HEX@GRID Optimizer, Standard and Link licenses to best suit our process demand. You can connect from 8- 20 vacuum pumps all working in sync with HEX@GRID to best manage the flow and energy consumption for your installation. 

HEX@GRID – Intelligent, Industry 4.0 ready multi-pump controller

HEX@GRID is Atlas Copco Vacuum’s Industry 4.0 multi-pump controller. A new central brain for your entire vacuum system, HEX@GRID comes equipped with extra functionalities and connectivity. HEX@GRID leverages the powerful capabilities of HEX@™, Atlas Copco’s new controller to help you optimize operations, save energy and maintenance costs and offer you Industry 4.0 smart connectivity.


HEX@GRID is essential to manage a central vacuum system with multiple VSD pumps and maintain stable pressure. With smart controls such as virtual machine to save energy or Optimizer you can have the most energy efficient system possible.  With back-up integration, the back-up pumps in the vacuum system are rotated for optimal maintenance.



Benefits of a fully connected industrial vacuum pump

Feature Fully connected pump Network connected pump Disconnected pump
Local control of the pump using front panel of optional HMI ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Local access to the pump settings using optional HMI or
locally connected device
✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Remote access to pump controls and settings via LAN  ✔️ ✔️
Software updates (new features and bug fixes)* ✔️

Manually each time

Manually each time

Optional remote support from Atlas Copco* ✔️
User authenticated access to pump information (including operating data) without network access ✔️
Email notification of pump failures  ✔️
Additional intergration into local BUS or 
site communication network
✔️ ✔️ ✔️

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