GVC 1000 P3 vacuum pump

Tank - mounted vacuum pump systems with rotary vane pumps

GVC range

Single-stage, oil sealed rotary vane pumps - supplied a tank, electrical cabinet with controller and a filter

Plug and play

The system are provided with a tank, an electrical cabinet with controller and a filter in front of all the pumps – so ready to use.

Benefits you can count on

Due to the use of our new GVS A oil-sealed vane vacuum pumps, the GVC Systems ensure high reliability through a rugged design and optimal oil retention at all operating pressures maintaining low noise and vibration levels.

Energy savings

Thanks to the regulation on the pressure, the GVC allows to save significant energy savings in running only when vacuum is needed.

GVC series - Tank-mounted central systems

The GVC series are tank-mounted central systems with single-stage, oil sealed rotary vanes and are supplied ready to use with a tank, an electrical cabinet with controller and a filter in front of each pump. 

Modular mini systems with full control

These mini systems can be composed with 1 to 3 pumps and offer Plug & play installation and with the possibility of pressure regulation. 

Easy service – each pump can be isolated at any moment. Besides, oil thermal switch, oil level monitor and overpressure indicator on the filters are provided in standard.

User-friendly monitoring with PLC controller – MK5 controller on the Full Feature. Two GVC versions are available: BASIC and Full Feature.

Technical product specifications

Typically consisting of - up to 3 GVS A pumps (from 25 to 300 m3/h / from 14 to 176 cfm) - buffer vessel - manual valve - dust filter at the pump inlet - pressure gauge/sensor - two-stage pressure controller - electrical cabinet with controller - all connecting components.

  Metric Imperial
Pumping speed 25-840 m3/h  14-494 cfm
Ultimate pressure ≤ 0.5 mbar  
Vessel volume 60, 160, 300, 500 or 1000 liters  

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