DZS A and DZS VSD+ A dry claw vacuum pumps

Second Generation Dry Claw Vacuum Pumps


The new era of innovation - these pumps are built to deliver higher performance, energy-efficiency and operational ease.

Enhanced performance

Higher pumping speeds and increased productivity meet demanding production requirements.

Inlet non return valve

Isolates pump from process when the pump is switched off preventing any damage caused by backflow.

Lower noise levels

Redesigned silencer significantly reduces noise levels while maintaining vacuum performance.

Remote connectivity

Enjoy easy accessibility to your pumps control systems and updates on your smartphone for better monitoring.

Smart kit

Prevents the pump from overheating when at ultimate vacuum providing better efficiency and suction flow (in VSD+ and multi-claw only).

Wide range of variants

The DZS A series vacuum pumps come in fixed speed IE4 motor, bare shaft, pressure and oxygen variants.

DZS 065-300A Series – The next stage of dry claw vacuum pumps

Atlas Copco’s second-generation DZS A series dry claw vacuum pumps are the new standard of vacuum efficiency. Taking a step further from the previous generation, this updated series provide superior vacuum performance with high pumping speeds and deep ultimate vacuum levels. The DZS series dry mono claw vacuum pumps are easy to maintain with a separate and isolated pumping element allowing quick access to the pumping chamber. This ensures ease of service and on-site maintenance, helping you meet your operational goals with no lag in efficiency.

The new dry claw vacuum pumps are also crafted with innovative construction materials and coatings for longer reliable operation in different applications and harsh conditions. Experience the multitude of benefits offered by the DZS 065-300A series - cost savings through reduced energy consumption, reliable operation in challenging conditions, redesigned silencer for lower noise levels effortless integration through compact design, and efficient handling of contaminants.

DZS 100-400 VSD+A Series – The efficient energy-saving variants

As part of our continuous efforts to upgrade our product capabilities and focus on energy-conscious efficiency, the DZS VSD+ A series dry vacuum pumps come with several enhancements. From the integrated VSD+ inverter drive and pressure setpoint control that allows high productivity to new clever modular design that allows flexibility and ease of maintenance, the series is all for big power and big energy savings. 

Through the Variable Speed Drive (VSD+), it adapts to the changing demand in production and subsequently reduces energy consumption. In terms of design and structure, they are compact, rugged and robust with a small footprint.

Other benefits include the Smart Kit that prevents overheating and the remote connectivity for easier control and smart monitoring capabilities. You can access your pump performance and health on your smartphone with its Bluetooth connection.

Our DZS A and DZS VSD+ A series are ideal for several applications:

  • Plastic extrusion
  • Pneumatic conveying
  • Food applications
  • Central vacuum systems

  • Vacuum sewage
  • Pick and place
  • Printing

  • Paper converting
  • CNC routing/clamping
  • Tobacco

Control at your fingertips – The Atlas Copco VSD+ App

The Atlas Copco VSD+ app is a unique application for iOS and Android devices. It lets you control and monitor a vacuum pump with your smartphone. The VSD+ app allows for ease of commission for your DZS VSD+ A series vacuum pump by providing 3 parameters - target pressure, start/stop delay and stop level.

All you have to do is start your pump, connect the VSD+ app via Bluetooth, enter the desired parameters and you are all set to run your pump remotely with ease. 

Technical product specifications

DZS mono-claw

Type Nominal displacement Ultimate vacuum level 'V' version* Permissible ambient temperature range Inlet connection size Outlet connection size Shaft power
m³/h cfm mbar(a) ”Hg Vac Torr °C °F BSP BSP kW hp
DZS 065V - 50 Hz 65 38 50 28.3 37.5 0 to 40 32 to 104 G 1 1/4" G 1 1/4" 1.8 2.0
DZS 065V - 60 Hz 78 47 50 28.3 37.5 0 to 40 32 to 104 G 1 1/4" G 1 1/4" 2.2 3.0
DZS 150V - 50 Hz 150 88 50 28.3 37.5 0 to 40 32 to 104 G 1 1/4" G 1 1/4" 3.7 5.0
DZS 150V - 60 Hz 180 104 50 28.3 37.5 0 to 40 32 to 104 G 1 1/4" G 1 1/4" 3.7 5.0
DZS 300V - 50 Hz 300 176 140 25.8 105 0 to 40 32 to 104 G 2" G 1 1/4" 6.2 8.3
DZS 300V - 60 Hz 360 208 140 25.8 105 0 to 40 32 to 104 G 2" G 1 1/4" 7.5 10.0


Type Min pumping speed Max pumping speed Ultimate vacuum*   Motor power
m³/h cfm m³/h cfm mbar ”HgV   kW hp
DZS 100 VSD+ 4 4 105 62 50 28.4
Overdrive from 200 mbar abs to atmosphere
3 5
DZS 200 VSD+ 3 2 189 111 50 28.4 5.5 7
DZS 400 VSD+ 44 26 398 234 140 25.4 11 15

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