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Compressed Natural Gas-solution (CNG)

Atlas Copco High Pressure CNG Compressors & Refueling Solutions

Atlas Copco CNG compressors are appreciated for their quality, safe operation, smooth running and compact design. With a comprehensive product offering, Atlas Copco is a trusted partner in the Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) industry.
The Atlas Copco CNG machines are built to run trouble free with long service intervals and are ideal for such a demanding application. Gas station owners look for the lowest operating costs. Atlas Copco range of INTERMECH BBR /FBR /VIP machines ensure one of the lowest operating costs in the market which adds to the bottom line of the gas station owner.
HIGH RELIABILITY Atlas Copco CNG compressors are highly dependable and keep on performing with minimal cost of ownership

  • Low maintenance due to direct drive
  • Avoids lateral loads on crankshaft and bearings
  • Belts not required to be replaced every six months
  • Soft starting method to reduces electrical shock loads and results in longer life
  • Zero Gas leakage from the Gas-tight and Pressure-tight crankcase design
Air cooled machines for trouble free running
  • Air cooled machines avoid stoppages due to scaling, pump and cooling tower failures
  • ASME designed air cooled heat exchangers with straight seamless expanded L-finned tubes for life long duty
Maximum up-time due to 100% matched components
  • Integrated inter-stage separators extract oil and aerosols from the gas stream and provide pulsation dampening after each stage therefore extending valve life
  • Generous sizing of downstream coalescing filters results in long change intervals
  • Use of heavy duty roller bearings and full flow pressurized lubrication system for the bearings

Compressed Natural Gas-solution (CNG)

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