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10 steps to green compressed air production

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Oil-free air compressors for electronics and semiconductor

We help you minimize downtime and optimize your production processes by offering certified oil-free solutions, including reciprocating, scroll, tooth, screw and centrifugal compressors to ensure you have the best technology for your applications.

Built for reliability

We help maximize our customer productivity by designing and building high quality products. Our investment in designing unique innovations, superior component selection and dedication to high quality manufacturing help keep your semiconductor plant running at maximum efficiency.

Pure clean compressed air

Our oil free compressors combined with our extensive range of unique rotary drum and heat of compression dryers ensure you have the air quality you require to keep your operation running, and delivered in the most energy efficient way to minimize your production costs.

Reduce the cost of nitrogen generation

Increasing demands for efficiency within semiconductor and electronics facilities has resulted in increasing demand for Nitrogen. We offer a wide range of heavy duty nitrogen generators designed for high purity and low operating costs.

Discover our range of Nitrogen generators

The importance of CDA - clean dry air

What is CDA?
Chip manufacturing closeup
What is CDA?
Build an optimal CDA system
chip production
Build an optimal CDA system
The future of semiconductor industry
The future of semiconductor industry
Read our blog and download the more elaborate whitepaper
Read our blog and download the more elaborate whitepaper
Read our blog and download the more elaborate whitepaper
Application movie: Medtronic electronics - Switserland

Application movie: Medtronic electronics Switserland


Certified oil-free air for semiconductor industry

Innovative technologies require more and especially better air quality. Our range of compressors deliver certified oil-free air. Our Z series of compressors were the first air compressors to achieve TÜV certification as “oil-free” (ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0). Additionally, we are the only compressor manufacturer to have received ISO 22000 certifications.

Energy recovery in electronics production

The production process of semiconductors and electronics is an extremely energy intensive process. Our solutions give huge opportunities to recover this energy. Heat is an inevitable by-product of air compression, with our energy recovery units you can reuse up to 90% of this otherwise lost energy. Reducing the production costs significantly as well as reducing your environmental footprint. Read more on Energy Recovery

A reliable partner brings peace of mind

Reliability in your compressed air supplier is key. Clean dry air is a critical utility for semiconductor plants and having any interruptions can be disastrous. Our global service network is installed in more than 180 countries, this means that lead times are very short and minimizes any downtime if maintenance is required.

Applications of compressed air in semiconductor and electronic plants

Cooling air

Chip manufacturing closeup
Cooling of products in the clean room is the most critical clean air application in electronic plants.

Clean room

The clean room is the central part of the plant. Any dust or other contaminants must be eliminated in addition to controlling the temperature and humidity of the room. Meaning compressed air must be class 0 oil-free air to avoid any contamination.


Paterning or photolitography is the process by which a specific pattern is imprinted on the wafer.

Instrumentation & pneumatic tools

Compressed air is used for sorting, packaging, testing, handling, assembling, etching and more instrumentation or pneumatic applications. Using oil-free air ensure your products will not be contaminated during the production process.


The purging of the vacuum and venturi pumps have to be done with oil-free air to avoid contamination.

Wastewater Treatment

Water used during the manufacturing process of an electronics plant must be treated before it can be returned to nature. More on Wastewater Treatment


Soldering electronics with high quality nitrogen, thus nitrogen with a high purity level, has multiple benefits. It delivers improved performance and in addition it also promises environmental benefits.


Download: Whitepaper - The future of semiconductor technology

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Compressed air solutions for semiconductor and electronics industry

Oil-free air compressors for electronics and semiconductor

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