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CNG Compressed Natural gas - CNG fuelling Station

CNG-Compressed natural gas solutions

When it comes to CNG solutions, we can provide you with the right high pressure solutions that best suit your compressed natural gas needs. Our CNG solutions are focused on waste, cost and space reduction.

Zero gas leakage

As the environment is gaining more importance these days, we would like to provide our customers with solutions that are ecofriendly. Therefore, our natural gas or CNG high pressure compressors are equipped with a pressurized crankcase which guarantees zero gas leakage. This enables you to save up to 6% on gas, resulting in a cost reduction and a better environment.

End-to-end solution

Considering the different applications of CNG, we can provide you with a solution that covers the whole process from end-to-end. Whether you are the owner of an on-line CNG fuel station or need to set up a virtual pipeline system, we offer you an assortment of sustainable products tailored to your needs.

CNG cost-efficient solutions

Our CNG solutions offer you cost savings on various levels. To begin with, the cost of ownership will be lower due to a decrease in maintenance costs and a lower possible downtime. Further we provide cost savings through the plug & play component of our solutions. Plug & play enables you to lower your cost of installation by ensuring that each unit is ready for operation upon arrival.

CNG applications

  • On-line CNG fuel stations

These stations can be divided into two types, namely fast fill or time fill stations (or a combination of the two).

 - Fast fill is best suited for light duty vehicles who need a fast fill and therefore the CNG has a higher pressure.
- Time fill on the other hand is best suited for vehicles with large tanks, the time to fill the tank is slower (compared to fast fill) but results in a fuller thank.

Both fast and time fill stations can use the on-line BBR compressor to convert the pressure of the CNG from the supply line (0.5 to 90 bar) to a higher pressure for storage and usage later on.

  • Mother & daughter CNG stations for industrial applications

This system makes use of CNG ancillaries in order to reduce the pressure of the CNG , when a trailer arrives at the daughter station.

In order to transport a higher amount of CNG from the mother to the daughter station, the pressure of the CNG stored in the trailer (250 bar)  is higher than the pressure at the point of use (0.5 to 0.8 bar).

At this point pressure reducing systems come at use to lower the pressure in order to transfer the CNG from the trailer to the daughter station.

  • Mother & daughter CNG fuel stations

Similar to the CNG filling stations for industrial applications, trailers from the mother station also arrive to supply the daughter CNG fuel station.

However in this case the pressure of the gas, when transferred from trailer to daughter station, is managed by a VIP compressor package.

This solution fully utilizes the pressure energy within the trailer to bypass the CNG to the right pressure and thus guarantees a more efficient operation.

CNG fueling station- truck

CNG fueling station for trucks

CNG Ancillaries

  • Pressure reducing systems 
  • Fill panels
  • Training filling panel post
  • Trailer decant post
  • Ground storage modules

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CNG-Compressed natural gas solutions

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