Electrifying rental fleet for cleaner compressed air and lower running costs

When Atlas Copco launched their first electric mobile compressor, Arentis, an industrial equipment rental company in the Netherlands, didn’t hesitate to take the compressor into their fleet. Arentis and its customer explain how electrifying their compressor fleet contributes to cleaner and more cost-efficient operation.

Why an electric mobile compressor makes sense for rental companies

Increasingly stringent emission regulations, low emission zones, rising oil prices: governments and companies are ramping up their efforts to combat climate change.

Traditionally, rental companies have had little interest in sustainable or even fuel-efficient compressors. Quite often, they even sell the fuel to their customers while renting out equipment. But the world is changing fast and under the influence of governmental legislations and the industry’s demand, rental companies now invest in new and sustainable technology.

If an industrial rental customer has electricity on-site, an electric compressor is the best possible solution a rental company can propose. Arentis in Terneuzen is such a rental company that takes sustainability very seriously.

When Atlas Copco launched their first electric compressor for outdoor use, we knew this was the right solution for a lot of our customers. Quite often they have electricity on site, so a mobile compressor like the E-Air VSD is a matter of plug and play.

Jean-Paul Heijens , General Manager Arentis

Convenient installation isn’t the only benefit of an electric compressor. Especially in the Benelux, electricity is cheaper than diesel, so the running costs for Arentis’s end customers are much lower. Additionally, an electric compressor generates no exhaust and less noise than a diesel unit.

The E-Air at a petrochemical plant

One of Arentis’s industrial customers is Dow, an international group with petrochemical plants all over the world. When they required compressed air for their site in Terneuzen, Arentis immediately offered the E-Air electric mobile compressor. Not only the lower running costs were an important consideration for DOW, also sustainability is in their mission.

We take pride in our focus on sustainability. We’re working with like-minded partners to lead the transition to a sustainable planet and society. In each of our manufacturing processes we have carbon emissions reduction goals, and we’re on the road to achieving carbon neutrality. Atlas Copco’s E-Air not only fulfils our immediate need for compressed air, but also fits in with our corporate philosophy of reaching our sustainability goals

Robson Pollitz , Maintenance Group Leader

What do DOW, Arentis Rental and Atlas Copco have in common? Their serious dedication to sustainability and a determined move towards carbon-neutral operations. The E-Air, an electric, variable speed drive and mobile compressor is exactly the innovation DOW required for their factory. And Arentis makes sure their rental fleet lives up to expectations. If you thought industrial companies don’t really care about the planet, think again.

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Electrifying rental fleet for cleaner compressed air and lower running costs

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