Medium Energy Storage Systems

From 200 to 500 kVA

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Emission-free operations

As a standalone solution and when solely recharged by renewable sources, these energy storage systems offer no emissions during operation.

Flexible and Scalable

You can synchronize up to 16 ZBCs working in parallel and up to 30 units in a hybrid solution (adding up generators and ESS). The ZBC can be part of a microgrid, managing energy coming from different sources, including renewables.

Energy Savings

In standalone operation, or in a hybrid solution with the grid and/or renewables, there is no fuel consumption. In a hybrid solution with a generator, you can reduce your daily fuel consumption by up to 90%.

Reduced Noise

Ideally suited for noise-sensitive locations. Meet regulations and operate under any circumstances, in city centers and at night, with no restrictions.

70% more compact and lighter in weight

Due to its design and Lithium-ion batteries, it's a robust and mobile solution with a 40,000-hour lifespan.

ECO, Energy Controller Optimizer

ZBC units are integrated with the ECO ControllerTM, Atlas Copco's in-house developed Energy Management System (EMS).

ZBC, medium range Energy Storage Systems

These energy storage systems come in a 10ft container. Designed to meet the requirements for off- and on-grid applications, they are ideal in combination with renewable stations, providing up to 9,2 MWh of storage capacity ―with 16 ZBC 250-575 units connected in parallel. ZBC models can operate as a standalone solution, in hybrid mode with several sources of energy and as the heart of a microgrid. These medium units are ideal for demanding applications that require a constant and significant flow of electrical energy.


Features and Benefits

These medium energy storage systems are scalable, as up to 16 units can be connected in parallel. Moreover, when operating in hybrid mode with a diesel generator, users can reduce daily fuel consumption by up to 90%, depending on the application. Stand-alone medium energy storage systems offer no fuel consumption and no CO2 emissions during their operation. This scenario is also common for microgrids with a backup generator, in which the energy storage system is managing the input coming from the grid and/or renewable sources of energy.


If the solution features an active diesel-driven generator, operators will still enjoy significant energy savings, increasing the productivity of their core business by up to 50%. When coupled with a power generator, energy storage systems account for low loads, reducing the generator running hours by up to 70%. This translates into a longer generator lifetime —five to ten years—.



ESS Medium technical information

General technical data   ZBC 250-575 ZBC 300-300 ZBC 500-250
Rated power kVA 250 300 500
Rated energy storage capacity kWh 576 307 246
Rated voltage (50Hz) (1) VAC 400 400 400
Battery rated voltage VDC 768 768 768
Rated current discharge A 360 451 720
Operating temperature (2) ºC -10 to 50 -10 to 50 -10 to 50
Sound power level dB(A) <80 <80 <80
Quantity units 30 30 20
Battery type   LiFePO4 LiFePO4 LiFePO4
Rated voltage VDC 76.8 51.2 76.8
Rated capacity (@25ºC) Ah 250 200 160
C-rate discharge   0.5 1 2
Recommended Depth of discharge (DoD%) % 80 80 80
End of life (EOL%) % 70 70 70
Expected cycle life (@DoD,EOL,25ºC) (3) Cycles 6000 6000 6000
Battery balanced (recharge up to 100%)   Once per 3 month
Quantity units 4 5 8
Maximum apparent power (for seconds) (4) kVA 275 330 550
Maximum passthrough current A  
Build in transformer   Yes Yes No
Discharge autonomy 100% / 75% rated power h 2 / 2,6 0,9 / 1,3 0,4 / 0,6
Discharge autonomy 50% / 25% rated power h 4 / 8 2 / 4 0,9 / 1,8
Recharging time (@DoD%) h 2.5 1.2 0.5
Hybrid recommendation (generator size) kVA >50 >50 >50
Power factor acceptance   -1 … 1 -1 … 1 -1 … 1
Heating / Cooling system   HVAC
Fire extinguisher system included   Yes Yes Yes
Maximum auxiliary consumption kW 22 22 22
Total energy through output up to (4) MWh 2400 1300 1000
Dimensions and weight        
Dimensions (L x W x H) mm 2991 x 2438 x 2896
Weight kg 11,000 9,000 10,600
Protection degree IP   55 55 55
Housing   Container 10 ft high cube

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charging electric machinery

Z Charger discharges ZBC energy storage system to feed electric excavator

Delivering at less than 80 dB(A), these medium energy storage systems are suitable for noise-sensitive environments, such as events and construction sites in metropolitan areas, as well as for telecom, manufacturing, mining, oil and gas and rental applications. 


They are ideal for applications with a high energy demand and variable load profiles, as they efficiently cover both low loads and peaks. For example, they can properly size cranes and other electric motors, and successfully manage peaks in energy demand for noise-sensitive events and for electric vehicles (EV) recharging stations.


Working off-grid or to boost the grid, standalone or in a hyrbid solution, in parallel with other battery energy storage systems or as the central piece of a microgrid, they provide resilient and sustainable energy on demand - helping you lower emissions, meet regulations and cut costs through a seamless integration with low emission innovations.



Medium Energy Storage Systems

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