Electric self-priming pump

E-Pump range: Electric, Efficient, Energy saver

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E-pump: Electric, Efficient, Energy Saver


No fuel consumption and no C02 emissions

Consumes no fuel and has no CO2 footprint while operating the E-Pump

Up to 40% Energy Savings

Variable Speed Drive (VSD) and automatic priming system bring in operational efficiency and energy savings

Up to 40% lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Energy savings, lower operational, maintenance and service costs ensure an improved ROI

Optimized storage and transport

Galvanized frame with protrusions on top allows pumps to be stacked in a 2+1 configuration, saving lots of space. Its compact size allows up to 20 units in a 1+1 stacking form to fit perfectly into a Euro Truck, reducing transport cost

Easy serviceability and connectivity in the field

Patented hinge door gives ease of access resulting in lesser time to service. Equipped with FleetLink, fleet management is efficient

Reduced noise

Low decibel levels to meet noise emission norms in urban and noise sensitive areas *for closed set units

Features and benefits

Fully electric self-priming pumping experience

The pump worksite is rapidly transforming into a low emission landscape. Atlas Copco is driving this change towards a no CO2 footprint during pumping operations with the new fully electric self-primping surface dewatering pump range. With decades of expertise in trusted pumping technology, Atlas Copco has made big leaps from the traditional pump to this evolved and reliable electric diaphragm pump. 

Revolutionary design for energy efficient pumping

Did you think handling demanding flows with large solids could be this clean? 

Equipped with advanced solid handling capabilities of up to 76 mm, the E PAS as part of the E-Pump electric pump range is thoughtfully designed with an automatic self-priming system for intelligent, hassle-free pumping with progressive features for a wide range of applications. 

With up to 40% energy savings and up to 40% lower total cost of ownership, this compact E-Pump range is big on savings and improved return on investment in surface pumping operations. Atlas Copco is focused on taking care of on-site pumping needs and are built to last in the toughest environments with low noise, no CO2 emissions when pumping and long-lasting performance. The pump operations come full circle with a high service quotient for uninterrupted pumping. 

Technical data

Specifications   E PAS 80MF E PAS 100MF E PAS 150MF
Max. head m 18 30 30
Max. capacity m3/h 140 240 480
Suction /discharge Flanges mm (in) 75 (3")/75 (3") 100 (4")/100(4") 150 (6")/150(6")
Max. solids handling mm (in) 40 (1.5") 50 (2") 76 (3")
Best efficiency point % 68% 70% 73%
Pump Motor  kW (HP) 7,5 (10) 15 (20) 22 (30)
Speed Range rpm 900-1800 900-1800 900-1800
Installed VFD kW 11 37 37
Supply Voltage V 380-460 380-460 380-460
Max Current A 16 32 63
Priming System
Vacuum pump Type   Diaphram Diaphram Diaphram
Nominal Air Capacity m3/h 85 85 85
Max Nominal Vacuum  bar -0.9 -0.9 -0.9
Vacuum Pump Motor (@50HZ) kW (HP) 1.5 (2) 1.5 (2) 1.5 (2)
Weight and dimensions
Weight kg 1000 1100 1150
Length  mm 2000 2000 2000
Width  mm 1280 1280 1280
Height  mm 1280 1280 1280

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Atlas Copco E-pump electric self priming pump at construction site

Atlas Copco E-PAS electric self priming pump at construction site

  • Sewage bypass
  • Municipal bypass
  • Civil construction
  • Site dewatering
  • Utilities
  • Temporary industrial applications

Electric self-priming pump

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