Cobra Combi Refurb Kit covers

Service offer for Cobra Petrol Breakers

Servicing your machines regularly is essential to ensure reliable operation and a long service life.

Preventive Maintenance Kits

Atlas Copco preventive maintenance kits are designed to save money, time, and energy.

Discover our Preventive Maintenance Kits

Wear & Repair Kits

Our Atlas Copco Wear & Repair Kits are sets of genuine parts to replace all the worn items and bring your equipment back to factory conditions.

Discover our Wear & Repair Kits

Refurbishment Kits

We now offer an entire new level of service: a complete refurbishment of your Cobra machine.

Discover our Refurbishment Kits

Working tools and accessories

We offer a broad range of high-quality handheld working tools. Put them to work on the toughest job sites and for the most complex applications.

Discover our working tools and accessories

Fluids & Lubricants

Your Cobra’s heart is a specifically designed two-stroke engine. To get the most out of it, use self-mixing Cobra Mix-Oil or our Cobra Impact-Oil!

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Get all service kits, genuine parts, and products you need 24/7, at the click of a button!

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Cobra Combi 6 Month Service Kit
Cobra Combi Refurb Kit covers

Every day, thousands of workers in construction, demolition and renovation projects around the world rely on Atlas Copco machines, products, and services. Reliability is a key factor, as time is precious, and deadlines are tight. And when conditions are tough, you need a partner you can trust.


Atlas Copco Power Technique Service provides first-class service, allowing you to minimize downtime and maximize productivity through reliable machinery. Our offer includes Preventive Maintenance Kits, Wear & Repair Kits, and Refurbishment Kits. Count on our trained and experienced service technicians and partners to ensure your equipment is running smoothly.

Why consider service from Atlas Copco ?

Increased machine reliability & higher uptime

Increase the reliability of your Cobra Petrol breaker! Not only that, you will also extend the lifetime of its parts. Proactive regular service with genuine parts decreases maintenance costs, and increases your machine’s uptime as sudden breakdowns are now avoided.

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Reduced total cost of operation

Don’t break the bank! Considering the time and money you’ll save by not having to find, order and install separate spare parts, any Service offer is definitely the most effective maintenance solution. You save time getting the right parts at the right time, and no sudden surprises will upset your budget. This goes especially for refurbishment kits: for much less than the cost of a new unit, your breaker will be up and running again in optimal condition for an extended period!

Full access to genuine parts

We know our own machines inside and out like no other! Our genuine parts, lubricants and services are designed by inhouse experts to perfectly match our equipment. Using non-genuine parts can also increase your Total Cost of Ownership. The use of genuine parts and lubricants will lengthen a machine’s lifespan and have it running at its highest efficiency!

Product Power Technique Service

We focus on the service so you can focus on your business. And the result maximizes your productivity.

Service offer for Cobra Petrol Breakers

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