Vacuum Pumps in the Beer Bottling Industry

Enhancing efficiency, maintaining quality and hygiene.

Beer! It’s refreshing, it’s cultural, it is diverse, it has legions of enthusiasts worldwide and is certainly one of the most popular drinks in the world.

But the beer brewing and bottling process is also precise and complex, a fine art you might say. Before you get that perfect pour of a pint, a series of steps need to be achieved using sophisticated equipment, ensuring your preferred beer has the perfect taste and quality. The entire production and supply chain process of beer requires precise control and attention to detail. One of the many types of equipment used in this chain are vacuum pumps. 


Oil-sealed screw vacuum pumps, dry claw vacuum pumps and liquid ring vacuum pumps from Atlas Copco play a crucial role in the beer industry by enabling efficient, hygienic, and seamless operations. From creating vacuum within the bottles to assist in filling them with beer, forming and labelling bottles or transporting cans, our vacuum pumps contribute significantly to maintaining quality, shelf life, and ultimately, customer satisfaction.

Vacuum processes for beer bottling and filling

Bottle Cleaning and Sterilization

The sunset gold hue of many beers would be affected by contaminants and impurities found in beer bottles. In commercial operations before beer can be filled into bottles, vacuum pumps are used to sterilize and clean them. Bottle cleaning machines equipped with vacuum pumps help remove debris, dust, and any impurities prior to filling.  This step is vital to maintain the quality and taste of the beer.

Bottle Filling

During the bottle filling process, vacuum pumps such as the Atlas Copco LRP VSD+ intelligent liquid ring vacuum pump or GHS VSD+ are used to create a vacuum environment within the bottles and flush them with CO2 before they are filled. By evacuating the air and creating a controlled vacuum environment, the risk of oxidation and beer spoilage is significantly reduced. Vacuum also helps to eliminate residual air bubbles or trapped gases, ensuring a consistent and uniform fill level. The LRP VSD+ vacuum pump is perfectly suited to wet and humid applications with extreme vapor loads and even liquid and solid carry over from the process. Overall, vacuum pumps from Atlas Copco help enhance the beer's quality, extend shelf life, and maintain hygienic standards. For the end-consumer the beer remains safe to drink and tastes great.

Bottle Sealing

After the bottles are filled, vacuum pumps such as the energy-efficient Atlas Copco GHS VSD+ oil-sealed screw vacuum pumps are utilized to cap and seal them. Vacuum pumps help to secure tightness, preventing leakage or potential oxidation. This airtight seal is crucial for maintaining the freshness and carbonation levels. 

Labeling and Packaging

While you should never judge a beer by its cover, first appearances matter – especially when you are discovering a new beer. In the final stages of the bottling process, vacuum plays an important role in labelling and packaging operations. Vacuum-enabled labelling machines help affix labels to beer bottles with precision and accuracy, ensuring that they adhere correctly and remain intact throughout packaging, storage, and transportation. This is where Atlas Copco pumps such as the DZS dry claw series are used in packaging manufacturing and processes.

Choosing Atlas Copco’s vacuum pumps for beer bottling processes


Atlas Copco’s energy efficient vacuum pumps play a crucial role in the beer bottling industry, ensuring efficient, hygienic, and high-quality production processes. Every vacuum pump we build and vacuum solution we deliver is optimized to deliver maximum energy savings and low lifecycle costs. Used across the entire beer bottling process our vacuum pumps contribute to maintaining the integrity and freshness of the beer.

Low lifecycle costs

Atlas Copco vacuum pumps help improve efficiency and are indispensable in the beer bottling industry, and support major beer producers and smaller craft breweries in delivering excellent beer to consumers worldwide.

A global and reliable service network

Atlas Copco’s global service network that helps you to maintain your vacuum pumps and systems investment. Our proactive maintenance programs and after-market support allows you to keep your process operational with no to minimal downtime.