Pressure testing LNG installation with oil-free air in Belgium

April 30, 2020

The brand-new LNG storage tank and boil-off gas compressors of the Fluxys LNG terminal in the port of Zeebrugge, in Belgium, required intensive testing prior to becoming operational to ensure the installation’s safety, reliability, and leak tightness.

Fluxys has had the infrastructure for storage and regasification of liquefied natural gas (LNG) since 1987, and it is one of the main access points for LNG supplies in North-Western Europe. The Fluxys LNG terminal was built for unloading LNG from ships, storing the LNG and regasifying it. Four large buffer tanks with an overall capacity of 380,000m³ and installations to regasify LNG and send out up to 9 billion m³ of gas per year are on site. The LNG can either be regasified and sent into the high-pressure Fluxys pipe network or loaded onto LNG ships or LNG trailers. The site’s operational capacity was increased by adding a 5th storage tank with a volume of 180,000m³, as well as 4 large boil-off gas compressors, including all associated piping and facilities. The expansion will allow transshipping of up to 107 LNG vessels per year. 

The pressure is on!

A pressure test is required in the oil and gas industry for all-new, updated, or repaired pressure containing systems. Let’s say it’s the final check of the whole installation before it can be taken into service. The procedure consists of two main tests. The first is the leak test, and is executed at moderate pressure. 

The strength test, in turn, requires high pressure and is done pneumatically at 110% of the system’s maximum operating capacity. During a pre-determined period, the system is kept under pressure in order to monitor its integrity and safety. 

With our 100% oil-free air compressors that meet the strictest standards at every pressure level, and eliminate the risk of oil contamination, we had the right tools for the job. To test all piping of this project at both medium and high pressure, Atlas Copco Rental provided the following solution:

Stage 1:

  • 100% oil-free PTS 1600 with a pressure range of 0.5 to 10.3 bar (10 to 150 psi) –  and flow range of 37.4 to 45.7 m³/min (1300 to 1600 cfm)
  •  CD Dryer with accessories

Stage 2:

  •  100% oil-free PNS 1250 with a pressure range of 3 to 24 bar (90 to 350 psi) and maximum flow of 35,5m³/min (90 to 350 psi)
  • CD Dryer and matching accessories

After the pressure test, which the installation passed with flying colors, our compressors were used to clean and pre-dry the pipes. Soon after, the new site was operational!

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