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From University to the Working World: Continuous Improvements Analyst

Look at Ben's blog to see how he describes the atmosphere and recruitment process at Atlas Copco. You can also discover the most exciting part of his Business Analyst role and as a Year in Industry student.

Reading time: 4 minutes (550 words)

This year has opened my eyes to the way a real business operates day to day. This is the first office job of my career, I can safely say that the experience has reconfirmed my passion for Continuous Improvement. I walked into this job with very little knowledge of our processes or the tools that we operate with. I have now got 3 months left of my placement and thanks to the support of the team we have made huge improvements to our operational process and its productivity. It is really gratifying to see your solutions used in real business situations.

What was the recruitment process like with Atlas Copco?

The Atlas Copco recruitment process was interesting, I had not been invited to hear about the company prior to the assessment centre in any of my previous applications. Atlas Copco do a really good job of enabling you to make your own decision on whether the position will work for you, they do this through WebEx meetings that educate applicants on what to expect. This was informative for me and helped me to make my decision once I received my offer.

The Assessment day was also good, the business set the scene immediately with Taxis sent to the station to pick us up, it made me feel a part of something bigger. Everybody was friendly, this made the day a lot less nerve wracking and put me at ease for the group activity. The interview was much more relaxed than first anticipated, there was an emphasis on my personal qualities and what sort of person I was, this made me feel considered and gave me a good idea of the company culture.
I was then called on my train home to be told that I had been offered the position. An all-round great experience.

What does your role involve?

Since starting my placement back in August my role has evolved massively. This year was the first that the Continuous improvements position was available. My role consists of improving inefficiencies found within the business. Whether this is looking at a process that we run, creating a new tool on our intranet or analysing information, this is all done with the goal of finding improved solutions for the business. The position has recently evolved into a much more digital role, this is due to our recent alignment with our Oosterhout, Netherlands office. This has suited my skills and I continue to enjoy the position.

What do you like best about Atlas Copco?

For me, the independence and responsibility that is provided to placement students is unparalleled. I have been trusted to run my own projects throughout the duration of this year and got the opportunity to visit our office in the Netherlands, my projects have had real impacts on the business and how we operate. I never thought a placement would give you such a breadth of experience in such a short space of time!

What has been the most exciting part about your role?

The most exciting part about my role is the variable projects that I have been involved in. Whether it be reviewing our ordering process with logistics or creating workflows that boost our autonomy with IT, I have worked with almost every department in the office, no day is the same! I love to see the benefit that my work brings to the business.

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