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Five good reasons why you should get started with Data Driven Services

By combining smart algorithms with the know-how of our joining technology experts, we can make recommendations for sustainable, continuous optimization of your production processes. We call it Data Driven Services (DDS). Why should you start with our DDS now? We give you five good reasons.

Contact our Data Driven Services experts and get started now!

To date, technical services have focused mainly on plant availability. With our joining systems, including adhesive bonding, self-pierce riveting and flow drill fastening, we go a step further and focus on the optimization of overall operating expenses. For this purpose, our software tools collect and visualize data from your joining systems. By combining smart algorithms with the know-how of our joining technology experts, we can develop recommendations for the sustainable, continuous optimization of your production processes. We call this approach Data Driven Services (DDS). Why should you start with our Data Driven Services now? We give you five good reasons.

1. Full control over your data

Smart on premise Smart to cloud

Added value of Data Driven Services in "Smart on Premise" and "Smart to Cloud"

The consistent evaluation and interpretation of data is important in order to draw the right conclusions and to initiate the action required. For many manufacturers, concerns regarding the security of their own data are the main obstacle to this approach. With Data Driven Services from Atlas Copco, customers retain full control over what happens to their data all times. Customers decide which data to share with Atlas Copco and can release the data via the Service Portal.

If customers start with a “Smart on Premise” solution, their data remains within their own network. Analysis is carried out in a targeted way in order to identify potential improvements and to develop appropriate action. Functions such as remote maintenance by our experts, the generation of maintenance plans and predictions on the basis of real utilization data or the system-based identification of problems are also available as a “Smart on Premise” solution.

 “Smart to Cloud“ goes a step further. The data collected is transferred to the cloud via a secure gateway and tunnel. This allows global information and advantages such as automated spare part ordering, predictive maintenance and the continuous monitoring of key efficiency and quality indicators.

2. Fast, efficient support when you need it most

Remote maintenance by our experts is a key factor in smooth and trouble-free operation. For this purpose, Atlas Copco has developed a certified security concept that allows fast and above all secure support round the clock in the event of malfunctions and problems. With only one click on the Service Portal, the customer initiates a ticket with event description, system and protocol data. In the “Conference Center,” line managers or plant operators can then exchange information with our service experts by chats, video conferences and file sharing and work together on the solution of the problem. Should it be necessary for one of our experts to establish a connection to the plant, the customer can open a secure VPN tunnel and enable precise analysis and remedial action. All the activities are documented in the plant log.

3. Identify causes of problems for a sustained reduction in downtimes

Atlas Copco’s service portal for Data Driven Services: with individually configured dashboards, customers can always keep an eye on the key efficiency indicators of their joining systems

Atlas Copco’s Service Portal for Data Driven Services: with individually configured dashboards, customers can always keep an eye on the key efficiency indicators of their joining systems

Our Service Portal lays the foundation for monitoring the production process. The software is installed on the customer’s network and linked to our system. When the need arises, we analyze event data such as alarms and service tickets in order to identify the causes of problems and to indicate potential improvements. For example, if we identify excessive wear on the pump in the adhesive bonding system and this results in frequent failures, we check whether parameters such as the pressure and temperature are set correctly and recommend changes to the system settings. Our experience shows that the cost of downtimes and resulting work can be reduced by up to 30 percent.

4. Reduce costs with Predictive Maintenance

Has the spindle of your self-pierce riveting tool broken even though it received scheduled maintenance? Sometimes time-based maintenance schedules are not sufficiently precise. Our “Maintenance Manager” software provides support for use-based maintenance by the maintenance team. It includes messages and predictions concerning upcoming maintenance work based on the actual utilization of equipment. The maintenance team can enter feedback on the maintenance work – irrespective of whether it was performed too early or too late. This way, the predictions become more and more precise. If a component is dismantled, maintained and re-installed, the Maintenance Manager records the condition of the equipment. You always have the status of all relevant components under control. With the Maintenance Manager, you can reduce the work involved and the cost of spare parts and component warehousing by up to 20 percent.

5. Continuous improvement of efficiency and quality

Are all your joining systems operating in accordance with plans? Then it is time to make your systems even more efficient. This is where the OEE Cockpit comes into play. It presents critical efficiency indicators such as the mean time to repair (MTTR), downtime, material consumption and the application quality, evaluates the causes of defects and indicates weaknesses and optimization potential. For example, in the case of adhesive bonding and metering systems, the software compares the quantity of adhesive applied with the flush volume. This way, you can see when too much material is wasted during the flushing of the equipment. Optionally, our experts can analyze the data over a significant period and provide advice on how to further improve the efficiency of your equipment.


Are you ready for Data Driven Services? We support you in getting there!

✔ Define clear goals with respect to your production and especially for your joining systems.

✔ DDS are not possible without support and collaboration. Involve your IT department, production, quality management and your maintenance team right from the start.

✔ Ensure that your production systems are networked within their IT environment and that you can acquire data systematically.

✔ Prepare for transferring feedback to the systems in order to derive maximum benefit from a self-learning process.

✔ Ensure that your teams are in a position to react fast to data-based system messages and recommendations and to initiate the appropriate action.