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Workstation solutions for an optimized production floor

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Lean production, process efficiency, interconnectivity – all are possible with Workstation Solutions from Atlas Copco

As manufacturing continues to transform around us, workstation solutions from Atlas Copco allow you to stay one step ahead of Industry 4.0. We empower our customers' vision of the smart factory by offering complete workstation  solutions. With systems and solutions that offer advanced error-proofing, visual guidance, and more, we are your strategic resource for workstation optimization.

Challenges in the manufacturing industry

The challenges faced throughout the manufacturing industries today are very much the same. The industry is moving to become more flexible and more digital to fulfill the shifting market demands and macrotrends. An increased product mix requires a more flexible production which means systems becoming more complex, thus, interaction with systems is more critical than ever before. Lastly, human factors like operator’s ergonomics and the need of sustainable manufacturing is a commonly shared challenge.

Higher product mix

System complexity

Human factors


Enable flexibility, mobility, ergonomics and efficiency with Total WorkStation

Our extensive portfolio of workstation solutions ensure high-level system security and quality on the line. Our offer:

  • Industrial Location to ensure that the tool works in the right place at the right time
  • Automation for an increased productivity and efficiency
  • Workstation accessories for guidance and operator oversight
  • Torque arms and tubes for improved  ergonomics


Meet the Atlas Copco Industrial Tool Location platforms: ILM, ILT and SpotPoint. Our Tool Location platforms ensure high-level system security and quality with virtually no room for operator error or oversight.



As part of the Smart Connected Assembly, Atlas Copco’s screw feeding systems include innovative feeding concepts with proven and reliable driving tools, connected to the Power Focus 6000 platform. The technologies we use help you to improve operator ergonomics and station uptime, and thereby achieve the target production rate.



Workstation accessories are meant to facilitate and simplify the interactions between human and machine during production. Our IO devices, operator panels, and socket selectors do just that, in a user-friendly way that anyone can understand. Nearly all of the Atlas Copco workstation accessories have a wide selection of configuration options to choose from.



Little is more important in manufacturing than ergonomics. Atlas Copco’s range of torque arms are lightweight with low handling forces. Options include floor-mounted arms, table-top arms, and more. Our floor-mounted torque reaction arms are ideal for cramped, compact workbench or conveyor type applications, while our table-top torque arm options are perfect for a variety of applications.

Smart Connected Assembly - Powered by data

This is Atlas Copco´s vision for Industry 4.0. Imagine a technology that collects and analyzes tightening data throughout the life cycle of your product program, and can thus predict tool failures, recommend an optimal maintenance plan, and reduce your production costs. This is Smart Connected Assembly. 

Learn more about how Smart Connected Assembly is changing the Automotive manufacturing landscape

The automotive industry is ever-evolving. Remain agile and on top of these automotive industry trends with Smart, connected solutions from Atlas Copco. By combining the right tools with the right software, your production line will become Smarter, more productive, and more flexible.