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But what if you could improve and then maintain this satisfaction, whilst increasing productivity and reducing cost? At Atlas Copco we believe we can offer exactly that for nearly any assembly line or manufacturing process! By walking your line with you, we will identify where joint classification and tightening strategies could be applied, strategies that will result in fewer product failures, reworks or warranty issues.

Register your interest today, and an experienced engineer work with you to identify where the improvements can be made.

Read more about bolt tigtening in our pocket guide.

Joint Classification for assembly and manufacturing


Failure can result in danger to life, serious legal issues and expensive product recalls.


Failure will lead to a major malfunction, financial implications and loss of brand image


Failure will result in damage to your brand image and loss of potential repeat or new business

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Welcome to smart connected assembly at Atlas Copco!

In Europe it’s Industry 4.0, in China Industry 2025, and in the USA the Industrial Internet of Things - but basically they all refer to the same technological advances. At Atlas Copco we have our own concept: Smart Connected Assembly. We create unrivaled value through Smart connected assembly in all steps of our customers’ processes, based on our core competencies in assembly technology and error proofing.


MicroTorque Quality Assurance

To ensure the highest quality of your product and your assembly process, Atlas Copco has developed a comprehensive quality assurance system for micro torques, featured in this video. The quality assurance system consists of the ACTA MT 4 torque analyzer and a range of transducers that gives fast, accurate and reliable results of critical parameters. The micro torque Quality assurance offering enables you to manage your tool population and ensure control over accuracy in the assembly process.