Photo Gallery

A selection of photos from the Bloodhound Technical Centre

Bloodhound engineer using an Atlas Copco LSF07 Die Grinder to remove excess material

The front end of Bloodhound nearing completion

Atlas Copco STwrench


The cockpit, Atlas Copco tools have been used heavily in the manufacture of this 1,000 mph office

STwrench tightening "goats head" joint

Mission statement

Atlas Copco Die Grinders and 90 degree angle drills

The Bloodhound Show car, this is a glass fibre mock up taken to shows and schools around the UK

The upper/rearward fuselage on Bloodhound is held together with 16,000 rivets, these were all drilled with Atlas Copco Drills

The front end of Bloodhound, affectionately known as "the Blade"

Atlas Copco Drills

Bloodhound's carbon fibre cockpit tub

Bloodhound engineer Rupert fastening the AMAD into the mid section of the chassis using an STwrench

Progress so far in the technical centre


Working on the front suspension block with an STwrench

The "AMAD" being lifted into the car, the AMAD acts as a starter motor for the EJ200 and also generates power for the car once the engine is running

The air intake for the EJ200 Rolls-Royce Jet engine

Systems engineer Milton working on the electrical wiring looms in the "Blade"

AMAD support bar being fastened with an STwrench

The 2 metre tall tail fin, Note how many stress sensors are inside it

EJ200 jet engine sitting below the upper chassis fuselage


The tail fin wrapped and ready

STwrench being used on the front suspension block

The front suspension being assembled

Atlas Copco Air Tools

STwrench tightening runway test wheels

Bloodhound engineer drilling rivet holes for tail skin

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