What have our tools been used for?



The Atlas Copco STwrench has been used heavily by Bloodhound's engineers throughout the assembly process. Key components that have been tightened together using the wrench include the front suspension block, also the wheel hub nuts and the rear chassis structure.

The Atlas Copco STwrench is much more than a standard transducerized hand-held nutrunner. Due to its modular design, you can build the STwrench to meet your exact requirements and create a tool that perfectly matches your applications.

Use the STwrench for production to get full traceability of the entire tightening operation, including torque control, angle control and yield control. Or build your wrench to just tighten your joint with high torque accuracy. Or use it for quality control to check residual torque, to perform joint analysis, including joint behaviour and stiffness, to set the correct tightening parameters for production and to test the reproducibility of joint stiffness on the benches.

Tail fin

Drilling tailfin rivet holes

Bloodhound SSC has over 30,000 rivets all drilled and prepared by hand using Atlas Copco pistol grip drills. The upper rear chassis is made from titanium which presents a challenge to drill through given the hardness of the material. However thanks to the speed and reliability of our drills the job was done within 3 weeks.

From the time our first drill was produced in 1901, Atlas Copco has demonstrated a genuine understanding of customer needs. Our drills have evolved to meet changing customer demands over the years. Whatever the job, Atlas Copco has a drill to match your exact requirements. The handheld drills in our wide range are built to provide consistent reliability and performance in a wide range of applications. Their advanced ergonomic designs, high power to weight ratios and accessibility make the operator’s job easier, thus raising individual productivity. Drills in the PRO range are robust, durable, and offer long working lifetimes.

Die Grinders

LSF example

The LSF107 is a small die grinder, here you can see one being used with a very fine head for precision work to adjust the size of a component to fit perfectly on Bloodhound. At Atlas Copco we have various different versions of die grinders all with different power outputs to meet the requirements of the operator and the job in question.

Die grinders are an excellent choice for high quality finishing and surface preparation in applications where accessibility is your first priority. Atlas Copco die grinders are high quality tools with compact, ergonomic designs that offer excellent accessibility. LSF12/19 are straight models, ergonomically designed for operator comfort and equipped with a speed governor for optimum process speed. LSF19 models are available in scatter damping versions, which give improved life length of burrs and reduce vibrations for the operator. LSV12/19 are angle versions with the same features as the straight models. LSF07 is a high-speed pencil-type tool for precision grinding and polishing.


Drills example

Our grinders have been used to carefully adjust the sizing of components, particularly
on access panel holes to fine tune the fit of parts.

As grinders tend to be used over long periods of time, it is important to reduce vibrations as much as possible. Vibrations are caused by out of balance cutting burrs and by the grinding process itself - that's why we offer scatter damped die grinder.

Atlas Copco die grinders are available in straight or angle versions in a wide range of sizes and power outputs. All the tools fulfil the highest standards and requirements in terms of ergonomics, accessibility and productivity. Like all Atlas Copco tools, they are easy to work with and built to last. All our die grinders can be equipped with spot suction kits to reduce the health risk for operators exposed to potentially dangerous particles.

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