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Customized bolting solutions

Bespoke customized bolting solutions from a highly experienced engineering team, with all design and manufacturing completed in house for maximum quality and quick turnaround times.

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With our in-house design and manufacturing team you can be sure of a fast turnaround time for your solution.


With our state of the art testing system, we test and certify every tool that we manufacture, no matter how complicated.


When creating your customized solution our design and manufacturing team use state of the art materials and technology. Combining our experience with robotics and industry 4.0 and utilizing them with these solutions.

All of our customized solutions are made to order, contact us today for a quote.

  • Work with our highly experienced designers so they can create the best solution for you.
  • Quick Quote response time guaranteed.
  • Our solutions are made with state of the art material, ensuring it's fit for purpose and safe.
  • We work with the customer on each project individually, providing the best solution and time possible.
  • Full technical support: Documentation, Factory Acceptance Test, 3D modelling, Site Integrity Test,  On-site support.

Why you might need a customized solution?

  • Might not be able to find a solution from off the shelf products.
  • Space constraints to work on specific applications may be too demanding.
  • Applications using ROV or Robotics.
  • Speed of process is of high demand and regular tools cannot fulfil the demand (Multi-stud tensioner). 

All designed and manufactured in one place

Customized Solutions we have created

Multi-Stud Tensioner

Multi-Stud Tensioners will allow you to tension multiple studs in each tensioning pass. This allows for a quick and accurate process, bespoke for your application.


  • Will save time by tensioning multiple studs in one pass.
  • 100% tensioning, which means the joint is closed and improves joint closure and sealing integrity.
  • Suitable for several applications in different industries.
  • Can accommodate different bolting patterns.

Get in contact, and discuss with our team about a solution bespoke made for your business.

The multi-stud tensioner will change the way you work. Having the ability to 100% tension, and compress the joint in one go will save so much time, and really speed up the process"

Dave Evans , Engineering Manager
multi-stud tensioner solutions

Subsea Clamp 

The Subsea clamp nut solution can be either diver or remotely operated for subsea clamping applications.


  • Can be either diver or remotely operated.
  • Pressure compensated systems available for deeper depths.
  • Engineered for speed, integrity and environmental protection.
  • Applied forces are generated hydraulically and retained mechanically, removing the oil for environmental reasons.

Get in contact, and discuss with our team about a solution bespoke made for your business.

The subsea clamp is a unique solution and operates as a stand-alone, problem-solving project for underwater applications and with Atlas Copco you get a dedicated team from start to finish."

Ashish Malhotra , Global Product Manager
subsea clamp tensioner

Special Tensioner 

We create tensioners for specialized applications that require high accuracy in a situation of non-standard space or load requirements.


  • We have manufactured tensioner designs from 4mm to 622mm in thread sizes.
  • All industries can be catered for, from near space to subsea, and anything in between.
  • Providing integrity in a tensioning process to any size.

Get in contact, and discuss with our team about a solution bespoke made your business and processes.

The special tensioner can deliver the most accurate results for the most extreme applications. No matter how big or small, there's a tensioner for it, and our design and manufacturing team can create it."

Andrew Brindley , Customized Solution Proposal Manager
25inch buttress nut and M4 tensioner

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