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Installation Instructions

PM4000 Software

Installation Instructions for BETA100 versions


As from version 7.3.0 it is no longer necessary to use TTPM to download new software to a replaced TC in a system. It will be done automatically. If a BETA100 version will be loaded it's important to answer NO to the question "Is this a Replacement TC?".

Automatic update of TC

  • All TCs in a system, System TCs (Primary) as well as Spindle TCs (Secondary), must use the same TC System Software version in order to function properly. 
  • The TCs themselves check for version conflicts at start up and indicate this using the display on their front. 
  • The automatic download function makes it possible to replace any TC in a system with a TC that has different software loaded, and to automatically update the software in that TC with the same as the rest of the system.

General function

  • Normally all software updates are initiated by the System TC that uses its own software to update all other TCs in the system, if however the System TC is replaced it will be updated with the software from the Backup TC (TC2) before any other TC is updated. 
  • Before a replacement TC is used in a system, it must be prepared by an operator to have the correct TC number, IP Address, and the right type. 
  • When a replaced TC with a different software version is detected the following text appears on the TC panel:
  • If a BETA100 version will be loaded it's important to answer NO to the question "Is this a Replacement TC?".

How to load BETA100 Software into a new TC


Backup the system setup files -The setup consists of all the configuration objects stored in the database and the PLC program (PLC source code)


Place the TC in the station, if the TC asks if this is a replacement TC = Set to NO - If the operator presses No, no software update is made and the TC panel shows the normal version conflict text


In ToolsTalk PowerMACS, go to Configure Target System and lookup PCB version for the TC.


Update the Application SW according to the compatibility matrix.

App version

The application code must be updated, if a system with new flash is used.

TC: PCB Version

Application SW





3 (New Flash)

≥10.9.14 or any BETA100 release

BOOT version

  • NOTE! We do not recommend you change the boot version on any (old or new) controllers. 
  • The controllers with the new flash memory, will be shipped with correct boot version (3.0.6 or later). 
  • The old boot version will work with the older controllers, mixing old and new Boots in the system will not affect the station. 
  • You should never downgrade the boot loader software. The latest boot loader version is compatible with ALL applications

Configure Target System

  1. Selecting the Maintenance - Configure Target System menu item opens the Configure Target System form.
  2. This form is used for configuration of your PowerMACS 4000 TCs 
    • This includes functions for downloading new software and changing their IP-address data 
  3. Refer to the PowerMACS 4000 User Guide or contact your Atlas Copco trained personnel for assistance.


Restart the System.

PM4000 Manual

Section: Automatic update of TC, Servo and Spindle See Manual [Link]