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Electric driven mobile compressors

Lower your operation costs with a zero-emission, silent and efficient electric compressor.

Is it the right choice for your business?

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If you have the power to choose, choose electric!

Do you have an electricity supply at your job site? Then an electric mobile air compressor is the obvious choice. The E-Air range of electric compressors is a game-changer when it comes to efficiency, versatility and reliability. Of course our E-Air compressors are emission free, but also silent, which makes them ideal for operation in confined spaces or urban areas.

Want to know how much you could be saving by using an electric compressor?

The main benefits of the electric compressors:

Up to 50% savings on operation costs

An electric compressor gives you the same flow at half the cost. That’s because of the energy prices, but also the savings on maintenance. No diesel engine means service intervals of 2000 hours or 2 years. A Variable Speed Drive variant is even cheaper to run, thanks to its adjustable pressure settings and high efficiency at partial or unload operation.

Emission-free and silent

You can run an E-Air anywhere, that includes low emissions zones, tunnels, underground or any other closed-off environment. An electric motor, and especially the permanent magnet motors on our VSD units, are also incredibly silent, another feature you’ll appreciate in a confined space or residential area.

Ruggedized for the toughest conditions

All the components in the E-Air are the result of time-tested technology, ruggedized for even the toughest conditions. Sensitive electronics are water-cooled, motors are potted and we equip every model with a HardHat hood or C3 certified canopy. Every unit is designed and tested to operate in temperatures of up to 50°C.

Electric portable compressors

What are the differences between the fixed speed and VSD ranges?

The E-Air is available in fixed speed and VSD models with integrated permanent magnet motors, with pressures between 5 and 14 bar and flows up to 31.2 m³/min.

Download the E-air VSD leaflet:

Download the E-air fixed speed leaflet:

Do you know if you need a diesel or electric compressor?

It's clear there is a transition from diesel to electric engines in several applications. Mobile compressors are not different. Atlas Copco has a full range of electric driven compressor available, in addition to a complete range of diesel driven compressors. But how to select which technology is a fit for your needs?

Hendrik Timmermans , VP Marketing Portable Air Division

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