The impact of location on compressor selection

Different types of regulations

Depending on your region / country; mobile compressors have to comply to several types of regulations.  Some examples:

  • emission regulations (for example Stage V in Europe and Tier4Final in US)
  • vessel regulations
  • road homologation
  • Max sound levels
  • and many more

Do you know the current and future emission regulations that will impact you?

Low emission zones

Low emission zones only tolerate the most energy efficient equipment.

For several years, emission levels are on the agenda of many governments; both global and local. Emission regulations can be issued on regional level (ex Stage V for the European Union), country level or even in a city. Several European city centers have issues a low emission zone, where older diesel driven cars are not welcome. The same regulations also impact diesel driven compressors. When selecting a compressor, it is not only advised to know current regulations but also any possible upcoming restrictions in order to avoid a rapid decline in the value of your fleet. Tips: - order compressors that are compliant with the emission regulations where your equipment will be operating. - the most future proof solution is to select electric driven compressors with zero diesel emissions.

Local working conditions

Mobile compressors are often operating in though circumstances.  It's crucial they are designed to be reliable, no matter where they are operating.  In order to guarantee a reliable performance, it is advised to be clear on the specific working conditions.

The elements

Rain, high or low temperature, humitidy, sun, dust, wind... all elements can really harm any mobile compressor.  When selecting a compressor; make sure to check for following features.

  • A PE canopy: compared to metal, a polyetheleen canopy will increase the lifetime of your compressor as it is less prone to damage
  • Cold weather options: 
  • C3 certified corrosion resistant paint: check whether the metal parts of the canopy are protected against corrosion.  The right protection will avoid corrosion creep.
  • Inlet filters: contrary to stationary compressors, mobile compressors need increased protection from dust or other particles in the inlet air.
  • IP ratig of controllers and other electronic connections: this will indicate the protection level against dust and humidity.


Not every compressor can operate at high altitude levels.  Make sure to mention the maximum operating altitude in the selection process.

Ambient temperature

Zone 2

The impact of location on compressor selection

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