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Tensor ICB red dot award banner

The award-winning Tensor ICB empowers the factory operator

The Atlas Copco Tensor ICB has been distinguished with the renowned Red Dot Award for outstanding product design. The awarded Tensor ICB tool increases efficiency and reduces the need for hardware and equipment.

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The Tensor ICB is part of the Tensor IxB tool family, the first generation of Atlas Copco tools with integrated controllers – all innovatively designed to enable future requirements of customers.

"As a design team, we are very happy and proud for receiving the award. On a higher level, it's good to subject our work to external validation and examination! The Red Dot is a well-known award in the design industry. It feels important to be a part of that circle and bring that competence of industrial design, interaction design, and human factors to Atlas Copco.“ says Clayton Cook, Interaction Design Specialist in the Tensor ICB Design team.

The Tensor ICB comes with a variety of tool accessories. It is part of the future in Smart Factories, and a great contribution to how innovation creates value for customers and empowers the factory operator. 

The design process always starts with the operator's experience – I ask myself how I as a designer can improve their everyday work lives?

Apurba Pawar, Industrial Designer, Tensor ICB Design team

Ergonomics first

That the  end-user is the primary focus when designing a new tool is confirmed by Frida Graf, Ergonomics Specialist in the Tensor ICB Design team:

“All our projects origin from the operator handling the tool. We make visits to customers where we observe the operator while working and analyze everything from posture to noise level and takt time*.  Then we take that into the lab, and we simulate a workstation so we can see for ourselves what it is like to perform a work task in for example a cramped area” says Frida Graf. 

*Takt time (e.g. work time between two consecutive units)

The Tensor IxB platform is our latest contribution to Industry 4.0

Atlas Copco continues to evolve the Smart Connected Assembly. The Tensor IxB family is a collection of handheld, cordless tools, which share an integrated controller platform. This is the first generation of Atlas Copco tools with integrated controllers – all innovatively designed to enable future requirements of customers. With the Tensor IxB platform, customers get a tool family which is lighter, faster, and smaller, yet has the same, powerful performance of cabled tools.

The ICB-A 21 underscores its qualities in terms of functionality and performance while also impressing with a pleasant feel.

Statement by the jury, Red Dot Award 2021

Smart Connected Assembly

Atlas Copco first presented Smart Connected Assembly in 2017, as its contribution to Industry 4.0 and the Smart Factory. The concept, comprising of how Atlas Copco smart tools and solutions continuously collect data and create values to support our customers, has attracted major attention from industry professionals and the media. The Tensor IxB platform follows the footsteps of this digital transformation. The Tensor IxB platform is already successful in several sectors of the Manufacturing Industry, such as Automotive and Aerospace.

The Red Dot Award

Since 1955, the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Germany has been marking outstanding international product design with its famous “red dot”. The ‘Red Dot Award: Product Design’ ranks among the largest design competitions worldwide. The Red Dot Award has been given to Atlas Copco on multiple occasions, in 2020 for our first battery drill the EBB26.

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Tensor IxB

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