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3 new features available in Atlas Copco’s SQS software

Single Quality Solution (SQS) software from Atlas Copco continues to grow and evolve, with new features continually being added to its capability.

SQS software provides the ability to error-proof not only a torque operation but an entire assembly process by connecting different devices in the application and ensuring the correct sequence of operations is being completed in the right way.

Error-proofing the future

To fully error-proof a process, one of the capabilities added to the SQS software recently is the ability to sign in and release a product from a station through communication with a PLC.

In many assembly operations, PLCs read signals to determine when a part has come into a station, and what type of part it is. SQS software is now able to receive those signals directly from the PLC and can start different jobs based on what type of product is identified.

In some cases, manufacturers not only want to identify the product being assembled, but the subcomponents that are being used in the station, and even the operator who is completing the assembly.

Atlas Copco’s SQS software is now able to receive multiple data inputs or identifiers, and relay them to an assembly tool. Once the assembly is completed, those identifiers will be linked to the torque data from the assembly process, so a record of what was assembled, who assembled it, and how it was assembled are all stored in one location.

Finally, additional functionality for use with Atlas Copco’s other tools has been added. SQS software can now be used with our MicroTorque Focus 6000 tool controller to provide operator guidance and station level error-proofing for low torque applications. With all tool controllers, SQS can now also download torque traces directly from the controller, meaning the software can be used for more data analysis and process improvements than ever before.

Want to learn more? Interested in an SQS demonstration? Contact Atlas Copco today.

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