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Quality data helps make key production decisions

Most of our daily decisions are based on data. We wake up, check the weather forecast, see what our ETA will be for travel and look at ratings to choose a restaurant. Our phones continuously collect data from different sources so that we can conveniently decide to wear a jacket, get out earlier or try the newest hot spot in town.

Quality should be no different. Quality departments collect large quantities of quality data from multiple sources: torque analyzers, calipers, gauges, and more. Being able to quickly find and review all of these data points is crucial to keeping high-quality standards in a production facility.

Enter QA Supervisor

QA Supervisor was designed to be the hub for all the quality data collected in a plant. This innovation can help make decisions to improve the production process. So we asked ourselves: why not take it one step further?

QA Supervisor can now collect ToolsNet data and show them along with quality data. Think of being able to create a report that contains not only production results but tool checks and joint checks. Such a report helps to make Quality Managers understand quickly if a problem comes from a tool or if other root causes should be investigated. From QA Supervisor, Quality Managers could promptly reschedule test activities so that the right amount of focus is placed on the joint that requires it.

Data-driven decisions help us in our daily lives. Why not use it to improve manufacturing quality?

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