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SQS 3.0: Scalable Quality Solution that grows with you

Atlas Copco is growing and revolutionizing the future of the manufacturing industry.

As a leader in Industry 4.0, Atlas Copco has created and honed tooling, software, and the total solution concept. Whether it be our Smart Connected Assembly tools, virtual reality, or Synatec error Proofing hardware and software, we are changing the way our customers think about assembly.

Humble beginnings

Synatec error-proofing has been around since 1996 and started in a small shop outside Stuttgart, Germany, to now over 4,500 error-proofing stations across the globe – on every continent, in major manufacturing plants right down to the small shops in which they started. It started with a concept back then and has transformed the way people do the assembly.

With the newest release of SQS 3.0, we can now offer a Scalable Quality Solution that includes everything our customers have asked for: “something to grow as we grow.” SQS 3.0 can now connect up to 10 stations, including rework, on the line without communicating to the server, keeping the investment low.

Much like its predecessors, the standard SQS 3.0 includes the LBConfigurator – the building block software which allows our customers to create the station, Operator guidance/work instructions, and (1) Tool connectivity.

When a customer requires more connected features, we deliver. We can add additional software as part of the standard offering:

  • SQS3 Tool: additional tool license(s)
  • SQS3PLC: PLC license
  • SQS3 Rework: rework license
  • SQS3 Connect: allowing the station owner to do configurations on a remote PC and send updates to the station, it also allows for stations to communicate result data downstream.

With all the features mentioned above, SQS 3.0 gives the customer flexibility to grow both horizontally and vertically throughout their facilities-no matter the size they start with. The software focuses on three major industry trends: Quality – by reducing warranty costs and defects, Productivity – by optimizing uptime and slowing reworks, and human factor – by making the software more intuitive for the operator on the line.

Atlas Copco is forward-thinking and educating the customer every step of the way. Helping think outside the box and “changing the way they think about assembly”.

If you would like a remote or live demo, contact Atlas Copco today.

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