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Air Assembly Product Essential Series

Tune in as Product Sales Specialist Matt Crowley covers a wide variety of topics relating to pneumatic, or “air”, assembly tools. In this video series, Matt will show viewers how to set the torque on pneumatic tools, such as pulse tools and clutch tools, and more.

How to set torque on a clutch tool

In this video, Matt will demonstrate the process of setting target torque on an Atlas Copco clutch tool. Clutch tools from Atlas Copco are the longest lasting and most user-friendly in the industry. Adjusting torque is done any time a tool needs to be validated or initially set up. Tune in to learn more.

How to set torque on a pulse tool

Here, viewers will understand the process of setting a target torque on a pulse tool. Similar to clutch tools, setting the torque on an Atlas Copco pulse tool is a simple process. It should be done every time a pulse tool must be validated or set up initially. Watch this video to learn more about this user-friendly process.

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