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Tune in as Product Sales Specialist Matt Moskal covers Atlas Copco's all-new transducerized handheld MicroTorque tool range. 

Introduction to the ETD MT Tool

Tune in as Matt introduces our new ETD MT tool, which brings tightening for electronics to a whole new level. MicroTorque (MT) is Atlas Copco’s family of tools designed to provide accuracy, flexibility and productivity to low torque applications. Being smart, interactive and precise, ETD MT is an impeccable solution to increase ergonomics, productivity and quality.

QA Station MicroTorque

In this video, Matt introduces the new Quality Assurance (QA) Station MT. QA Station MT can activate pre-defined torque verification programs through USB synchronization and barcode scanning. Compared to traditional torque meters, it contains more useful data (tool/controller information, station ID, QA results) which can be exported in a digital report for traceability purposes. Tune in to learn more.

Digital IO

In this video, Matt provides an in-depth introduction to the MicroTorque Focus 6000 (MTF6000) Digital IO. Digital IO allows the MTF6000 controller to communicate to other devices in the assembly process. This, incorporated with other built-in functionalities, allows the MTF6000 to act as a soft PLC by providing information to the operator, receiving inputs and sending outputs. Watch now for more information.

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