Quality assurance platform 4.0

The smart connected solution for the entire Quality Assurance process

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The next generation of assembly tools and solutions is here

Atlas Copco's QA Platform 4.0 is the next generation of Quality Assurance products for today's fast paced, ever-changing production environment. QA 4.0 products provide flexible, interconnected, innovative solutions to support competitive, modern manufacturing

Measuring with accuracy

As a reliable base, you have products that measure every application result.
The Atlas Copco STbench and our transducers. These products makes sure you can test tool capability – either in the crib or along the line.

Collecting and executing

To take care of the data reported from the tools, you have products that collect the data. With the STpad and STpalm at hand, you can program tests, guide your operators in execution and collect results. And with the STa6000 you can collects data on tool performance, repeatability and accuracy for all types of power tools and torque wrenches.

Managing and verfying

Overlooking this, you have the QA Supervisor managing the process. QA Supervisor is installed on a server and can easily be accessed via a web browser. The software Quality Supervisor is the core of the solution – gathering data, delivering insight, and handing out tasks.

Automatic station

Spindle, Multispindle and Robot station can be easily tested with IRC-Connect and STpad for testing on automated stations

Joint check

STpad and STpalm add visual guidance, flexibility and traceability to residual checks with STwrench.

Joint simulation tool check

Mobile STbench for fast and reliable quality testing of tool performance

Dimensional check

Automatic dimensional check traceability can be performed with STpad or STpalm

Non-Torque check

Full operator guidance for any non-torque related checks managing full traceability, assignable causes and corrective action

Quality process control

Schedule operator tasks and monitor the process with QA Supervisor – easily accessible from your PC.

In-line tool check

Simple and effective test in the line with STa 6000.

Visual check

Standardization and full traceability of visual test like go-no go test and defects correction