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Tightening Services

Improved quality on your existing line

What is a Tightening Services?

It is Atlas Copco’s unique tightening consulting solution that optimizes your tightening strategy from design (R&D) to mass production with our tightening laboratory and experts.

What do you get?

Evaluated tightening strategy in the design phase, optimized tightening program for production and professional joint analysis by our tightening experts.

What are the benefits?

Maximize your bolt performance
Minimize the risk of joint failure
Stabilize your tightening process to protect your joint integrity

Joint integrity, STwrench, service

The tightening process has a major influence on the quality of the screw joint. A joint tightened by hand behaves completely differently from one tightened using a power tool. Also, different types of tools have a decisive influence on the result. We know that planning a proper tightening strategy is critical for you even from the design phase.

As the expert in tightening techniques, we offer the consulting solutions to optimize the tightening strategy from design to mass production based on laboratory joint analysis by our tightening experts.

Tightening Services, part of the smart connected assembly solutions, will accelerate your business sustainable growth by shortening time to market, increasing your productivity and first time quality in a timely efficient manner.


We offer solutions for each of your production phases

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