Atlas Copco introduces new WEDA+ dewatering pump range

11 gennaio 2021

Atlas Copco Portable Energy has added to its family of medium and large submersible dewatering pumps with the launch of the WEDA+ plug-and-play range. The new range has undergone a top-to-toe design overhaul, resulting in innovative new pumps that offer up to 20 per cent overall reduction in power consumption compared to previous models; combined with greater efficiency, simplified maintenance and increased capacity.

weda 50 + weda 60+ efficient dewatering pump

The new WEDA 50 and 60+ dewatering pumps

The WEDA+ range comprises five models: the WEDA 50, with normal and high head variants, and the WEDA 60+, available in normal head, high head and super high head configuration. Delivering enhanced performance and extreme portability, the top-of-the-range Super High Head WEDA 60+ is 15 per cent smaller and 20 per cent lighter than other pumps in its class. The latest pumps offer flow rate capabilities of 1020 to 2425 l/min (61 to146 m3/h) and a maximum head of up to 69 metres. Atlas Copco has introduced rotation control and phase failure protection across all WEDA+ models to prevent the risk of the impeller rotating in the wrong direction; which stops the pump in the event of phase failure. In addition, the entry system can accommodate a wider range of cable configurations, with an advanced motor design offering higher efficiency and reduced start current. Meanwhile, the drive train features double row bearings for improved lifetime service. For added durability, all models are constructed with an improved aluminium alloy that provides high corrosion resistance in even the toughest applications.

The new WEDA+ pumps are easy-to-move and install in a wide range of dewatering applications. We have taken our portable and powerful electric submersible offering to the next level by focussing on efficiency and new features that will simplify the customer experience and enhance their productivity.

Wim Moors , Vice-President Pumps, Atlas Copco Portable Energy
dewatering your construction site

The WEDA+ dewatering pump in action

Simple service is another feature of the new range. The modular construction simplifies separation of principal components and all stainless-steel fastenings are the same size. This effectively means that one tool can be used to change all seals, impellers and other parts; in just a matter of minutes. All the new WEDA+ models incorporate the proven features associated with the long-established WEDA range of medium and large pumps, including an advanced sealing system, optional automatic level control, adjustable wear-resistant nitrile rubber diffusers and hardened high chrome clog-free impellers.

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