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Bolting RTXEnergy, Energy segment, Bolt tightening solutions, Bolt, Bolting, Bolt tightening tools, Energy Bolting, Tightening Tools

Hydraulic Torque Wrenches

Atlas Copco supply the highest quality of hydraulic torque wrenches.


Hydraulic torque wrenches offer a quicker alternative for torque applications as it doesn't require manual tightening.


Opposed to manual, you can control the torque wrench manually from the pump, reducing operator fatigue.


With the ability to speed up your process you can save time and money, making it a smarter solution.

Hydraulic Torque Wrenches

Bolting RTEnergy, Energy segment, Bolt tightening solutions, Bolt, Bolting, Bolt tightening tools, Energy Bolting, Tightening Tools

Hydraulic torque wrenches are perfect for torque applications such as yaw bearings and various flanges. Here at Atlas Copco we supply three different types including the RT, RTX and RTA, with all three offering something unique and different.

- All Atlas Copco torque wrenches are crafted with aircraft-quality aluminum alloy, providing great strength with minimal weight.

- Built with a multi-axis swivel it allows the hoses to move much more freely, compared to a single axis design.

- With a safety pawl in place it increases the speed of the process, and reduces the amount of operator intervervention.

RTX Low profile hydraulic torque Wrench


RTX saves £140,000 within oil & gas

A world leading oil and gas company were looking for a new process to tighten the flanges on their pipelines. The current method was too slow, combined with a lack of customer service and care after the purchase of their previous tools, it affected the entire process. Also the life cycle of their current tools was too short creating a huge cost. 

Atlas Copco supplied the company with 44 RTX hydraulic torque wrenches, along with sufficient training and customer care. This combined with the reliability of the tool and speed, it vastly improved their process. 

With increased process time and the drastic drop in maintenance costs for the tools, the company were able to save over £140,000 per year.


RTX Technical and ordering table

Model Ordering Numbers Description Torque Nm Weight kg
RTX-02 8434 2021 90 RTX - Power Head 348-2318 1
RL02 Link   Ratchet Link Hex size 19-60mm   1
RTX-04 8434 2021 95 RTX - Power Head 784-5227 2,2
RL04 Link   Ratchet Link Hex size 25-85mm   2,2
RTX-08 8434 2022 00 RTX - Power Head 1658-11051 4,5
RL08 Link   Ratchet Link Hex size 46-105mm   4,5
RTX-14 8434 2116 58 RTX - Power Head 2725-18168 7,5
RL14 Link   Ratchet Link Hex size 60-135mm   7,5
RTX-18 8434 2022 05 RTX - Power Head 3879-25861 11,5
RL18 Link   Ratchet Link Hex size 75-140mm   11,5
RTX-30 8434 2022 10 RTX - Power Head 6467-43114 18
RL30 Link   Ratchet Link Hex size 90-165mm   18

*Other size ratchet links also available. Please contact your local Atlas Copco representative to get a complete list of sizes. We can also build custom links upon request.

RT square drive hydraulic torque wrench

RT Series - square drive hydraulic torque wrench

Save £100,000 in time reduction in wind energy

A high profile wind energy company wanted to improve their process when tightening the bolts on the yaw bearing. There were a total of 98 bolts to be tightened, and their current method was using a manual wrench.  The low efficency of the manual wrench meant a heavy workload making it difficult to access some bolts, and ultiamtely took too long. In total, to tighten one yaw bearing it required 8 operators and 8 hours to complete.

Atlas Copco provided the perfect solution including the reliable RT square drive hydraulic torque wrench, along with supportive training to ensure best practice. This enabled the company to improve their tightening process by making it more efficient and improving operator safety. In total, 12 tools were sold to complete and speed up the operation.

Overall the company were able to reduce the headcount for the process by 6 operators and distributed them to other pressing tasks, along with reducing the total time by 3 hours. In total the customer will save £100,000 in time savings.

RT Technical and ordering table

Model Ordering Numbers Square Drive in Torque Nm Weight kg
RT-01 8434 2010 02 3/4 283-1885 1,9
RT-03 8434 2010 05 1 657-4379 3,9
RT-05 8434 2010 09 1-1/2 1137-7579 7,5
RT-08 8434 2010 13 1-1/2 1627-10846 11,5
RT-10 8434 2010 16 1-1/2 2343-15619 13,4
RT-20 8434 2010 20 2-1/2 4019-26791 28
RT-25 8434 2010 25 2-1/2 5266-35102 35
RT-50 8434 2010 29 2-1/2 10677-71180 48

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RTX Torque Charts

RT Torque Charts

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