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Compresoare de aer si solutii de comprimare a aerului
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Handheld tools

At Atlas Copco, we know the tools of the trade when it comes to designing construction equipment. Ergonomic, easy to handle and reliable, they will be your best friend for heavy-duty construction work.
✔ Pneumatic handheld tools
✔ Hydraulic handheld tools
✔ Petrol driven handheld tools

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Handheld Tools For Every Need

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Pneumatic Handheld Tools

A trusted power source with less vibration than the competition thanks to more than 110 years of refinement

Pneumatic hammers
Pneumatic breakers
Dust collector
Impact wrenches and needle scalers
Pneumatic rock drills
Underground rock drills
Rig-mounted pneumatic rock drills

Hydraulic Handheld Tools

A stackable, smart power source that monitors its own functions

Hydraulic hammers and breakers
Hydraulic core drills
Hydraulic cut-off saws
Hydraulic post and ground rod drivers
Hydraulic post puller

Petrol driven Handheld tools

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The best Handheld Tools, no matter your requirements

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