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Driving controller innovation and performance for more sustainable manufacturing

5 минут на чтение Сентябрь 22, 2023

Industrial manufacturers can minimize their environmental footprint by implementing smarter and more resource efficient manufacturing tools and solutions. This can be achieved by embracing new innovative technologies and rethinking processes. And along that message, let us introduce the Power Focus 8 controller by Atlas Copco!

The Power Focus 8 is the next generation advanced controller from Atlas Copco. Packed with innovative and future-proof solutions to ensure an efficient and accurate tightening result every time. Its proven technology can handle even the most complex and demanding tightening operations and in doing so, increase production efficiency and capacity. It is the controller that truly is the gateway to fulfilling the promises of Industry 4.0 and the connected Smart Factory.

From the impressive processor power and radio module to the connectivity advantages. The list of unprecedented features helping to make your assembly systems ready for the increased demands of the future is extensive. There is simply no other controller like the Power Focus 8 in the market today.

  • Easy to integrate with existing systems
  • Familiar and improved user interface
  • The advanced processor enables
    • Highly responsive controller screen
    • Less than 45 seconds bootup time
    • Faster interaction with external systems
  • The new radio module with the characteristic two antenna design, offers a number of connectivity benefits
    • Improved coverage area
    • Can connect up to 20 tools with one single interface making it easier for operators to work with
    • Offers four different ways of connecting (access point, Wi-Fi infrastructure, Bluetooth, or cable tool)
    • Ability to connect wireless accessories
  • Use the same controller for battery, cable and fixtured tools
  • Creates its own wireless network if factory facility lacks adequate Wi-Fi infrastructure thereby reducing infrastructure costs
  • The new 32GB IAM (Intelligent Application Module) offers a ten-fold improved capacity to save results but also store software, tightening data and configuration data
  • The Power Focus 8 is designed to easily be disassembled and recycled

The complementary Power Focus Secondary is a drive unit that utilizes the Power Focus 8 as a main controller, enabling a system to run synchronized QST spindles & handheld cable tools. In the process its environmental footprint is much smaller thanks to fewer components & a 50% reduced energy consumption in comparison with the Power Focus 8.

The numbers speak for themselves but however impressive they might be, how should they be interpreted? One evident and essential conclusion is that the Power Focus 8 and the Power Focus Secondary allow you simply to do much more with less. One of the key cornerstones in sustainable manufacturing.

In the Atlas Copco Group, we are committed to science-based targets to reduce emissions in line with the Paris Agreement. In doing this, we take a holistic view on our carbon impact, from energy efficiency to a more sustainable supply chain. It is about improving resource efficiency and driving more sustainable manufacturing processes. In short, helping ourselves and our customers do more with less. Power Focus 8 and the Power Focus S are testimonials to our commitment to these ambitions.

The roadmap to smarter and sustainable manufacturing

Smart Integrated Assembly is our concept for industrial manufacturers looking to transform and implement Smart Factories. It encompasses our portfolio, structure and ecosystem of hardware, software and services offerings providing unrivalled value in each step of the customers’ product manufacturing cycles.

It offers customers a competitive edge measured in terms of more efficient, flexible, adaptable, and safe manufacturing processes, reduced downtime, better use of materials and energy with a substantial waste reduction. In short, helping our customers do more with less. Sustainable productivity that allows our customers to do more with less More productive, save money and the environment.

A comprehensive sustainable Industry 4.0 offering that starts with that very first fastened joint and ends with a fully integrated and connected Smart Factory.

Want to know more about the new innovative Power Focus 8 controller and how it can help transform your manufacturing processes? Get in touch with us today! Or why not download our Smart Integrated Assembly whitepaper here.