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Power Focus 8 - A testimony to our commitment to Industry 4.0 and smarter manufacturing

4 минут на чтение Сентябрь 22, 2023

The Power Focus 8 is the most advanced and powerful controller from Atlas Copco ever. Representing a giant leap in controller technology, the Power Focus 8 is the answer to the connectivity challenges associated with pursuing the promises of Industry 4.0 and the Smart Factory. A controller developed for Industry 4.0 and designed for connectivity.

Industry 4.0 integrates information and communication technology in industrial production conducted in Smart Factories. Digitized and connected manufacturing processes enable operational decisions to be based on real data-based facts. By making it easier to proactively realize opportunities but also detect production weaknesses, productivity and reliability is improved throughout the assembly process.

Digitalized and connected. It goes without saying, to achieve the promises of Industry 4.0 and the Smart Factory, connectivity plays a crucial role. And that quest for improved connectivity starts already with the controller at the operator station.

But this constitutes a challenge. In this increasingly complex data-driven environment with multiple tools, conventional controllers lack the capacity to deliver the connectivity needed to ensure reliable and flexible operations.

This is where the new Power Focus 8 controller from Atlas Copco exceeds. With a multitude of innovative and future-proof technical features, the Power Focus 8 elevates controller connectivity capabilities to unprecedented new heights.

With its characteristic and beneficial two antenna design, this is truly a controller developed for Industry 4.0 and designed for connectivity:

  • Activation – This controller is easy to set-up. Just turn on the access point, connect your tools and that’s it.
  • Access Point – The Power Focus 8 creates its own wireless network if the factory facility lacks adequate and stable Wi-Fi infrastructure.
  • Performance – The evolutionary new processor and radio module enables a higher number of connected tools through four different ways of connecting.
  • Range – Substantially increased Bluetooth and Wi-Fi coverage range.
  • Serviceability – A service computer can be connected directly to the hotspot without the need for a cable or accessing the customer WLAN.

The Power Focus 8 is the most sophisticated controller from Atlas Copco and completely integrated in the Atlas Copco end-to-end ecosystem of tools and solutions. From ToolsTalk2 and ToolsNet8 to the complete portfolio of Atlas Copco software solutions.

But there is more. The Power Focus 8 controller is an integral part of the Atlas Copco Smart Integrated Assembly offering. An Industry 4.0 concept where connectivity is an absolute requirement.

Smart Integrated Assembly is our concept for industrial manufacturers looking to transform and implement Smart Factories. It encompasses our ecosystem of tools, hardware, software, and services solutions providing unrivalled competitive value in each step of the customers’ product manufacturing cycles. The result is more efficient, flexible, adaptable, and safe manufacturing processes that support reduced downtime, better use of materials and energy and a substantial waste reduction.

A comprehensive Industry 4.0 offering that starts with that very first fastened joint and ends with a fully integrated and connected Smart Factory.

The Smart Factory

A smart factory is a digitized and highly automated manufacturing facility that uses connected devices, machinery and production systems to continuously collect and share data. Data that is then used to improve processes as well as proactively address any issues that may arise along the production line. Smart Factories are enabled by a variety of technologies including connectivity, artificial intelligence (AI), big data analytics, cloud computing, and the industrial Internet of Things (IoT).

Want to know more about the new innovative Power Focus 8 controller and how it can help transform your manufacturing processes? 
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